Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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A First-ever Launch Occurs in Abu Dhabi.

This week, at an event in Abu Dhabi, Singauto, the Singapore-based innovator, unveiled the world’s first one-step new energy-intelligent refrigerated vehicle to redefine the future of commercial vehicles.

The model combines cutting-edge cold chain logistics technology with autonomous driving capabilities. It has an AI-powered digital platform, independent suspension, multi-temperature control, and a sophisticated cloud platform for fleet management.

Additionally, the business inked product agreements with Shandong Heima Group and DAEJI P&I. Leaders and possible collaborators were also present to see the future of clever, sustainable logistics. Singauto demonstrated its cutting-edge technologies and all-inclusive solutions while reaffirming its dedication to innovation. Chris Chen, the co-founder and global CEO of Singauto, described the company’s strategic orientation for the UAE and beyond. “The UAE is the ideal base for our ambition,” he stated. “It is not just the economic and innovation hub of the Middle East; the country is leading the transition towards clean energy and high-tech industries.” Our emphasis on innovation and sustainability, in line with the UAE’s objective of 44% clean energy by 2050, will completely transform the logistics sector.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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