Friday, June 21, 2024
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According to WEF’s Global Tourism Directory, Saudi Arabia has Risen Nine Areas.

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s robust infrastructure, corporate presence, and important business hubs have allowed it to rise nine spots to rank 41 on a global tourism index, the biggest improvement in the Gulf.

The Travel & Tourism Development Index report from the World Economic Forum states that Saudi Arabia has seen the biggest improvement in the Middle East and North Africa since 2019.

With 119 economies measured, the WEF’s Travel and Tourism Development Index (TTDI) quantifies the conditions and laws supporting the resilient and sustainable growth of the travel and tourism industry, advancing national development.

According to the report, several factors helped the tourism industry in the region’s high-income economies, especially in the Gulf Cooperation Council. These included the presence of major business centers and large corporations that drove travel activities, top-notch infrastructure such as premier airlines and aviation hubs, and a conducive business environment.

The report stated, “These efforts are partially reflected in the highest regional average for T&T capital spending per employee in the index, relaxed visa requirements, improved establishment and promotion of cultural resources, and broad increases in government T&T spending as a share of budgets.

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Friday, June 21, 2024

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