Friday, June 21, 2024
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As Competition Intensifies, Tech Behemoths Unveil Next-Generation AI Chips in Taiwan

As the competition between Nvidia, AMD, and Intel heats up, each company has independently introduced the next generation of its artificial intelligence (AI) chips in Taiwan.

On Sunday, Nvidia’s (NVDA) CEO, Jensen Huang, announced that the company will launch Rubin, its most sophisticated AI chip platform, in 2026.

The Blackwell platform, which provides chips for data centers and was only revealed in March, will be replaced by the Rubin platform. At the time, Nvidia referred to it as the “world’s most powerful chip.”

Huang stated at a speech at National Taiwan University in Taipei that the Rubin will have new graphics processing units (GPUs), a new central processing unit (CPU) named Vera, and cutting-edge networking chips.

We’re about to witness a significant change in the computing industry, Huang told the crowd just before Computex, an annual tech exhibition in Taiwan, opened. “The future will be redefined by the convergence of AI and accelerated computing.”

A roadmap outlining the arrival of new semiconductors on a “one-year rhythm” was disclosed by him.

Amidst the generative AI boom, investors have been driving up shares of chip companies. Over the last year, the market leader Nvidia’s shares have more than doubled.

Richard Windsor, the creator of Radio Free Mobile, a research firm focusing on the mobile market, stated, “Nvidia intends to keep its dominance for as long as possible, and in the current generation, there is nothing really on the horizon to challenge that.

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Friday, June 21, 2024

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