Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Dubai: Will Sacrificial Animal Costs Decrease Before Eid Al Adha?

In advance of Eid Al Adha, sacrificial animals are arriving at cattle markets in Dubai and Sharjah. As local demand increases, traders have been selling more imported goats, sheep, and cows from Australia, India, Pakistan, and Somalia.

According to Mohammed Ateeq of Al Khammas Livestock Trading in Al Qusais, goats of the same breed weighing up to 15 kg are priced at around Dh800, while smaller Somalian goats weighing around 7 kg are sold for about Dh500. Comparably, 8 kg Indian goats start at Dh800. For larger sizes, prices can reach Dh1,200, according to Ateeq.

According to dealers, the first shipment of animals has arrived in Dubai and is now available in markets. More batches, though, are anticipated to arrive early next month.

The Festival of Sacrifice, or Eid Al Adha, is observed to remember Prophet Ibrahim’s readiness to offer his son as a sacrifice in response to Allah’s instruction. Everywhere in the world, Muslims carry out the ritual of sacrifice by killing a goat, sheep, ox, or camel in remembrance of this act of faith and devotion.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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