Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Low Pay and Growing Living Expenses: Almost 70% of UAE Workers Want to Change Jobs

A recent survey by international HR solutions company Adecco found that 67% of UAE workers are looking to change jobs immediately, reflecting a rise in job mobility and a readiness to consider alternative career paths.

Limited career progression, uncompetitive pay, rising living expenses, a poor work-life balance, insufficient employee benefits, and a lack of work flexibility are the main factors driving candidates to change jobs. Career aspirations are becoming a bigger motivator for candidates today. According to Mayank Patel, SVP and head of Adecco EEMENA and country head Middle East, job security, work-life balance, yearly career advancement opportunities, and competitive pay are commonly discussed topics during job interviews and negotiations.

Adecco released its work trend report for the United Arab Emirates, which was compiled from the opinions of 507 professionals working in various sectors and roles.

The technology and software services industry has the highest percentage of mid-senior level candidates. This is followed by the banking, construction, engineering, logistics, retail, and luxury sectors. On the other hand, 15–20 percent of professionals are committed to growing in their current positions and have no plans to change jobs.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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