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Promoting Global Growth Through Strategic Investments With Gewape Technologies: Didier Serge Dushime

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Didier Serge Dushime, a serial entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, and the General Manager of Gewape Technologies. Didier’s professional journey is filled with challenging phases and triumphs, with his cybersecurity background leading his interest in this field to seize its vast potential.

We were grateful to Didier Serge Dushime for sharing his valuable time and offering a glimpse of his professional trajectory.

Entrepreneur Mirror: Welcome, Didier! Thank you for joining us today to discuss your entrepreneurial journey and your current role at Gewape Technologies.

Didier: Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here!

Entrepreneur Mirror: Let’s start by diving into your background. Can you tell us a bit about your path to becoming the General Manager of Gewape Technologies?

Didier: Absolutely. My entrepreneurial spirit has always driven me, and I’ve sought out opportunities throughout my career that allowed me to innovate and build. This led me to different ventures, each one providing valuable experience in the tech industry.

Leading a venture like this was my dream 10 years ago, as I had a big vision, and my first business was called – Indoto Tech House; Indoto means “dreams” in my mother tongue, and I had these big dreams that time and had drawn this vision on a paper and stored it somewhere, and inspired by Walt Disney’s quote” If you can dream it, you can do it”.

Entrepreneur Mirror: That leads us perfectly to Gewape Technologies. Can you describe your current role as the General Manager?

Didier: As the General Manager, I oversee a portfolio of exciting tech ventures within Gewape Holdings, which is the parent company of Gewape Technologies. This involves managing our subsidiaries, including Megabit Cloud, Unused Ink, CypherGate, and Metal on Cloud. Each company plays a crucial role in Gewape Technologies’ mission of driving digital transformation across the globe.

Entrepreneur Mirror: Those are impressive subsidiaries! Can you elaborate on your responsibilities in managing these ventures and making strategic investments within the tech ecosystem?

Didier: Certainly. I provide strategic guidance to subsidiary leaders, ensuring alignment with Gewape Technologies’ vision. We evaluate the tech landscape, identifying investment opportunities that drive further digital transformation.

Entrepreneur Mirror: What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your role?

Didier: The tech industry is ever-evolving, so staying ahead of the curve is crucial. We constantly need to adapt our strategies and identify new opportunities. Additionally, managing a diverse portfolio of companies requires a focus on fostering collaboration and ensuring synergies between them.

Entrepreneur Mirror: And how about the rewards? What excites you most about your work at Gewape Technologies?

Didier: Being at the forefront of digital transformation is incredibly rewarding. Witnessing the impact our technologies have on businesses and individuals across the globe is truly motivating. I’m also passionate about building a strong team and empowering them to achieve their full potential.

Entrepreneur Mirror: Let’s delve deeper into your impressive work at Gewape Technologies. One of your subsidiaries, CypherGate, is making waves in the information security sector. Can you tell us about your inspiration for founding CypherGate?

Didier: The rising tide of information security threats is what truly motivated me. Data breaches are rampant as companies face increased vulnerability. With data being the new currency, it holds immense value. My cybersecurity background propelled my interest in this field to seize its vast potential.

Entrepreneur Mirror: What sets CypherGate apart from other information security players?

Didier: We foster a collaborative partnership approach, unlike some firms that prioritize simply selling their solutions. Our commitment goes beyond just cybersecurity; we aim to safeguard data in all its forms.

Client satisfaction is paramount – we ensure our solutions align perfectly with their needs before any financial commitment is required. This is achieved through free penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. We believe in working together towards a shared goal, providing exceptional service every step of the way.

Entrepreneur Mirror: How does CypherGate leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver comprehensive security solutions?

Didier: While CypherGate may be a new brand, we possess a highly experienced in-house team with decades of expertise in complex environments. Our team stays current on emerging technologies and industry trends, constantly prepared to deliver innovative solutions. Additionally, we have established strong partnerships with key leaders within the information security industry.

Entrepreneur Mirror: Entrepreneurship often comes with challenges. What obstacles did CypherGate face in its early stages, and how did you overcome them?

Didier: Building trust and establishing yourself as a leader is a natural hurdle for any new brand. Over time, however, consistent performance builds trust and positions you as a force to be reckoned with.

Entrepreneur Mirror: How does CypherGate foster a culture of innovation and keep its employees abreast of the latest security trends?

Didier: Continuous learning is the driving force behind our innovation. As technology evolves, we adapt to new trends to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. Many companies lack in-house information security expertise to navigate the complex landscape of security tools and risks. To bridge this gap, we cultivate a culture of continuous learning and innovation, ensuring we achieve our goals.

Entrepreneur Mirror: Can you elaborate on how CypherGate identifies and engages with potential partners and investors to fuel its growth?

Didier: CypherGate is backed by Gewape Technologies, which I co-founded and manage. At CypherGate, we prioritize building trust and forming partnerships over fierce competition. We view our competitors as potential collaborators, working together to leverage opportunities and secure valuable information. We are actively seeking new partnerships and investors within the information security sector.  This is why I prefer the title “Chief of Growth” over CEO, reflecting my active role in driving growth through client, partner, and investor engagement.

Entrepreneur Mirror: Balancing multiple leadership roles can be demanding. How do you manage your responsibilities at CypherGate with your other business interests?

Didier: Currently, I’m a full-time entrepreneur, devoting all my energy to building my businesses, my true passion. As an entrepreneur, I lay the groundwork during a company’s inception and then delegate responsibilities as it matures.

As the General Manager of Gewape Technologies, I oversee the technology portfolio, including CypherGate. This centralized leadership structure allows me to play a direct role. I collaborate with our portfolio managers to ensure smooth operations and provide direct intervention when necessary.  My commitment is unwavering – my business is my primary focus.

Entrepreneur Mirror: What significant trends do you see emerging in the information security industry, and how is CypherGate positioned to capitalize on them?

7Didier: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new frontier, and we’re already leveraging it to deliver intricate security solutions unlike ever before.

Entrepreneur Mirror: Looking ahead, how do you envision CypherGate’s business portfolio evolving in the next decade? What are the company’s long-term goals?

Didier: I have immense faith in CypherGate’s potential to become a major player within the next ten years. Though a startup now, our long-term plans demonstrate our commitment to the long haul. We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of CypherGate Labs in Rwanda, dedicated to information security research and development. Additionally, we have plans to establish training centers in South Africa, Tanzania, and Brazil, further solidifying our mission.

Entrepreneur Mirror: Thank you for sharing your vision for CypherGate, Didier. Gewape Technologies boasts a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries beyond CypherGate. Can you tell us about some of the other ventures you oversee and how they contribute to Gewape Technologies’ mission?

Didier: Absolutely. Gewape Technologies is a strong advocate for global digital transformation. Each of our subsidiaries plays a critical role in achieving this goal.

Megabit Cloud delivers secure, eco-friendly cloud solutions (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) at affordable rates. We empower businesses of all sizes (SMBs, NGOs, academia) with global reach and local compliance, accelerating their digital journey. Unused Ink ignites creativity in the digital age. Our passionate team unlocks the power of storytelling across various digital mediums. Inspired by the limitless potential of ink, we craft impactful and innovative campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

Metal on Cloud delivers dedicated server power with cloud flexibility. This Gewape company offers Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) solutions, ideal for businesses demanding high-performance, secure computing for critical applications. These are just a few examples. Each subsidiary brings its expertise to the table, working together to create a comprehensive digital transformation ecosystem under the Gewape Technologies umbrella.

Entrepreneur Mirror: That’s fascinating! It sounds like Gewape Technologies has a finger on the pulse of various digital transformation trends. How do you ensure these subsidiaries collaborate effectively and avoid redundancy?


Didier: Collaboration is central to our approach. We foster open communication channels between our subsidiaries, allowing them to share knowledge, expertise, and resources. This not only prevents redundancy but also fuels innovation by enabling cross-pollination of ideas.

Additionally, we have a clear vision for each subsidiary and its role within the larger Gewape Technologies ecosystem. This roadmap minimizes overlap and ensures each venture contributes uniquely to our overall mission.

Entrepreneur Mirror:  Looking ahead, what are your ambitions for Gewape Technologies?

Didier: We at Gewape Technologies aim to be a global digital transformation leader, with a focus on investing in advanced technologies, expanding into new markets, and enabling business success. We also prioritize creating a positive social impact by promoting sustainability and bridging the digital divide.

Entrepreneur Mirror: Thank you for your time, Didier. We’re excited to see how Gewape Technologies continues to shape the digital landscape!

Didier: Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure.
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Find Gewape Technologies on LinkedIn and visit their website https://gewapetechnologies.com/
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