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Dr. Marika Crohns: Efficient Business Consulting Services With Impactful Innovations

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Marika Crohns, CEO of Impactful Innovations Management Consultants LLC.

Dr. Marika, a global top-performing executive, has a strong background in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotech, and med tech. As a visionary leader, she has successfully launched numerous global products and excels in business development, joint ventures, mergers, and identifying new opportunities.

In this insightful session, Dr. Marika Crohns speaks about her career trajectory, her visions on balancing her visions and operational requirements, and her take on securing her legacy.

Career Trajectory

We were interested to learn about the career path of Dr. Marika Crohns. So, we asked, “Can you walk us through your professional journey and how it led to where you are today?”

Marika replied, “Certainly, and thank you for this opportunity. My foundation is in medicine; I am a Medical Doctor with specialized training in Pharmaceutical Medicine, along with board certifications in Oncology and Radiation Therapy. I also hold a PhD focused on the biomarkers of lung cancer, which fueled my passion for research and clinical trials.

 Over a decade, I practiced as a physician and lectured across prestigious institutions throughout the globe, gaining invaluable insights into global healthcare challenges. My transition into the pharmaceutical industry was marked by joining Sanofi, where I embarked on a journey through various pivotal roles for over 20 years. I also underwent extensive commercial training in the UK and have established several companies during my career.”

 She added, “My Sanofi career included 12 years at global leadership roles where I created global strategies, drove key product launches and oversaw R&D initiatives, managed sizable international teams, and navigated complex mergers and acquisitions. After my career at Sanofi, I have embarked on an entrepreneurial journey again which has led me to Dubai.”

Prioritization Of Tasks

Challenges are a part of every journey. To learn how Dr. Marika Crohns deals with them, we asked, “Reflecting on your career, what have been some of the most significant challenges you’ve faced, and how did you overcome them?”

She shared, “I have developed a valuable strategy for tackling challenging tasks head-on and prioritizing effectively. “Eating the frog” in the morning, meaning tackling the most difficult tasks first, is a productive approach that can help maximize efficiency and focus throughout the day.

 I emphasize delegating responsibilities to my subordinates as that is crucial for effective leadership and team productivity. Delegating tasks not only empowers my team members but also allows myself to focus on high-impact activities where my expertise and leadership are most needed.

 There is a challenge of convincing others to adopt this philosophy, as it requires a shift in mindset and habits. Through persistence and exemplification, this mindset has become a cornerstone of our operational strategy, fostering a culture of proactive problem-solving.”

“My emphasis on tasks with the most impact and good ROI aligns well with strategic thinking and resource optimization, which are essential in both the industry and entrepreneurship. I do prioritize not just efficiency but also effectiveness in achieving the goals.

 Overall, my approach reflects a blend of strategic thinking, leadership, and practical wisdom honed through years of experience in diverse roles and industries. It’s a testament to my adaptability and commitment to achieving results, both professionally and personally.” Marika added. 

Balancing The Operations

To understand how Dr. Marika Crohns balances her visions and business requirements, we asked, “How do you balance long-term vision with short-term operational needs?”

Balancing strategic foresight with immediate operational demands is crucial. I view long-term vision as the compass guiding all decisions, ensuring daily operations align with broader objectives. This alignment demands agility; when deviations occur, rapid analysis and adjustment are essential. By integrating strategic and operational planning, I ensure that immediate tasks bolster our long-term goals, facilitating a dynamic yet consistent path forward.”

Plans We Asked Dr. Marika Crohns

We further asked, “Tell us more about your services and if you are planning to add something new in the future.”

She added, “Recently, I established Impactful Innovations Management Consultants LLC in Dubai, focusing on sectors such as business consulting, AI and marketing research, management consultancies and mentoring services.

 Looking ahead, together with our Senior Executive and Board Member Tariq Abu Rous, we plan to expand our offerings in effective sales training technique workshops, mastering the competitive and market access challenges, negotiating skills as well as leveraging AI to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

 I’m also honored to have joined the Advisory Board of JMB Project Management working together with the incredibly talented and experienced CEO of the company Jennifer McShane Bary as well as the other advisory board members.”

Assessment Of Trends

Eager to learn more about the approaches adopted by Dr. Marika Crohns to analyze the market trends and latest developments, we inquired, “What methods do you use to analyze market trends, and how have these influenced your business decisions?”

I try to stay abreast through business newsletters, magazines, and analyst insights having a proactive approach to market trends and industry developments. I’m committed to continuous learning and seeking insights from a variety of sources, including the experts, which enables me to adapt my strategies accordingly.

 Keeping a pulse on global megatrends and emerging customer needs is crucial for anticipating shifts in the market landscape and identifying new opportunities for growth. I have a proactive approach to understanding customer needs which aligns well with customer-centric business practices, which are increasingly vital in today’s competitive environment. I prioritize staying ahead of the curve and leveraging market insights to drive innovation and business excellence within our organization.” Marika replied.

Redefining Businesses

Dr. Marika Crohns

Digital transformations are reshaping the way businesses work. We asked, “How has digital transformation affected your business model?”

She responded, “Digital transformation has been pivotal, especially in how we approach marketing and customer engagement. Our proactive adoption of AI technologies has not only streamlined operations but also enhanced our analytical capabilities, allowing us to anticipate market shifts more effectively.”

Emerging Potential Of The Industry

We asked, “What emerging technologies do you believe will have the most significant impact on your industry in the next five years?”

Marika said, “AI will undoubtedly be transformative, particularly through applications in market analysis, trend forecasting, and customer insights. Additionally, the integration of sustainability practices, driven by global initiatives and technological advancements in green energy, will play a critical role in shaping industry standards and practices.”

Employee Satisfaction: A Healthy Workspace

Alongside a customer-centric approach, businesses also need to prioritize employee satisfaction to ensure long-term success. We asked, “What strategies do you implement to maintain high levels of employee engagement and satisfaction?”

Marika shared, “I prioritize active listening and open communication, fostering an environment where team members feel valued and heard. By promoting autonomy within a framework of accountability, we cultivate a culture of engagement and innovation.”

Innovative Solutions To Tricky Situations

Lastly, addressing the queries on how Dr. Marika Crohns aspires to secure her business legacy, we asked, “How do you want your business to be remembered, and what steps are you taking to secure that legacy?”

I envision my business being remembered for its unwavering commitment to customer service and innovation. We are dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations through skilled staff, rapid service delivery, and cutting-edge solutions to complex challenges. Our focus on continuous improvement and adaptability is key to securing this legacy.” Marika concluded.
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