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Resolving Complex Transaction Disputes And Crypto Scams With MyChargeBack: Eva Ibrahim

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Eva Ibrahim​, Director of Middle East and North Africa Sales at MyChargeBack. Starting her journey as a Human Resources Manager to being in her present position at MyChargeBack, Eva Ibrahim’s professional journey is truly inspiring.

With MyChargeBack, Eva and her team assist consumers who seek to dispute complex, card-not-present transactions and track the movement of their cryptocurrency. In this insightful interview, Eva Ibrahim speaks about her career trajectory, how their organization works, and how they balance operations with goals in the best possible way.

The Beginning

We started the interview by asking, “Can you tell us about your professional journey and what led you to your current role?”

Eva shared, “I graduated from Petra University in Jordan with a degree in finance and banking. My major fields of study included risk management, portfolio management, financial institution management, cost accounting, and banking legislation. I began my career as the Human Resources Manager of a national web solutions company before moving on to become a Human Resources recruiter for two large firms. I have been in my present position at MyChargeBack for almost three years.”

Setting MyChargeBack Apart

To learn what makes Eva Ibrahim apart from the competition, we asked, “What sets your business apart from competitors in the industry?”

She shared, “Our skill set; the average consumer does not possess the proper tools to contest complex transaction disputes, while merchants do. Merchants know the rules and can stay ahead of the game. Consumers, therefore, are always at an immediate disadvantage. That created the gap that we filled. We hire agents who are experienced in financial services and then provide them with ongoing training.

We have established ourselves as experts in the field of chargebacks and complex dispute resolution. This is one of the reasons why our former clients include professors, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and even bankers.”

Worth-Sharing Achievements

We were curious to learn about the milestones of Eva Ibrahim’s organization. So, we asked, “What has been your business’s biggest achievement to date?”

Eva responded, “Our forensic blockchain investigations are by far the best thing we have achieved. We trace the route stolen crypto takes through the blockchain until it arrives at a cash-out wallet, and identify the crypto exchange that hosts it. The report that we compile for the client documents our findings and provides law enforcement agencies with the critical data that becomes evidence in their pursuit of cybercriminals. We consider it our biggest achievement because we have now become a bridge between the consumer, the blockchain, and law enforcement.”

On Being An Efficient Leader

Eager to learn about the leading approach of Eva Ibrahim, we inquired, “How would you describe your leadership style?”

Eva Ibrahim

Our leadership style comes directly from our CEO and CTO. The CEO has created a corporate culture that stresses empowerment, opportunity, and flexibility. Our CTO has overseen the in-house development of proprietary tools for organizing and categorizing client data that connects to third-party software. In this way, we maximize the values of our corporate culture by providing our clients with the best possible service experience.” She shared.

Fostering A Healthy Workspace

We further asked, “What strategies do you use to motivate and develop talent in your organization?”

She replied, “First and foremost comes teamwork. Everyone is always available to assist. And that allows us to grow professionally, which in turn produces leadership, enabling us to promote from within. All of that is enriched with in-house training and certification programs.”

Reshaping Businesses With AI

Currently, fast-paced digital transformation is playing a major role in reshaping businesses. We asked, “What role do you see Artificial Intelligence or technology playing in this industry?”

Eva shared, “AI and technology can enhance the financial sector and the capacity to harm the financial sector. We are concerned that without appropriate oversight and government regulation, AI in particular can become extremely problematic. We already see how scammers have taken the lead in manipulating AI for their nefarious purposes, be it through AI-generated photos used in romance scams and AI-generated automated algorithms and signal strategies used in crypto and forex trading scams.”

Envisioning The Future, We asked Eva Ibrahim

To learn more about Eva Ibrahim’s vision for the future growth of her industry, we asked, “How do you envision the future of your industry?”

“Online scams are consistently rising. Crypto crime is consistently rising. Crypto fraud has emerged as a multibillion-dollar criminal specialty that has entrapped victims around the world, as reported by Reuters last November. The number of consumers who, unfortunately, require our services will not abate anytime soon.” Eva replied.

Adaptability Amidst Adversities

Challenging phases are an inevitable part of every business. To learn how Eva Ibrahim overcomes these phases, we asked, “What have been some of the most significant hurdles you’ve encountered in your business, and how did you address them?”

She replied, “Firstly, the disparity between regulators, the gaps between laws relating to financial crime, the relative willingness of law enforcement agencies to do

everything in their power to tackle it, and the lack of uniformity among bank dispute departments in adjudicating chargebacks and bank wire recalls is a huge challenge. So, one of our highest priorities is to be in the position to serve as a bridge between our clients and regulators, ombudsmen, law enforcement, banks, and crypto exchanges.”

A Solution For Every Problem

We asked, “What is an excellent piece of business advice you have ever received?”

When someone says you don’t have a good idea, then you know you do. In short, you can find a solution. And we incorporate that bit of wisdom into our work every day. So, for example, when a client reports back to us that he or she hasn’t been able to make progress with a crypto case in a certain police precinct, we’ll refer him or her to another officer in a different precinct who knows how to proceed. Or if a bank does not agree to a chargeback, even though the chargeback guidelines clearly would allow it, we appeal to an ombudsman or regulator.” Eva shared.

Balancing The Operations

Lastly, we asked, “How do you balance investing in up-to-date ideas with ensuring ongoing operations remain successful?”

Eva Ibrahim said, “We plan for multiple years going forward. So, to remain industry leaders, the top of our game, we are constantly exploring new ideas for services, markets, and software, and expanding our communication with law enforcement.”

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