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Dubai’s Urban Dilemma: Trading Basements for Podiums and the Quest for Soul

Dubai, a city renowned for its architectural marvels and rapid urban expansion, is experiencing a silent transformation—one that shapes not just the skyline but the very essence of its urban experience. The city’s struggle with its salty high-water table has made the construction of basements prohibitively expensive and complex. Builders, in a bid to navigate these hurdles, have turned to an alternative: erecting buildings atop podiums. While this solution sidesteps the logistical nightmare of waterproofing, it inadvertently contributes to a larger issue that affects the city’s charm and character.

Dubai, often celebrated for its grandeur and innovation, faces criticism for lacking the soul and character that define the world’s most beloved cities. Critics label it as ‘fake,’ a sentiment stemming from its urban landscape, which seems to prioritize functionality over the human element. The issue at hand is not just architectural but deeply rooted in urban planning decisions that overlook the importance of retail components and pedestrian circulation.

The city’s streets, dominated by podium-style buildings, miss out on the vibrant street life that characterizes charming urban centers. Parking spaces and mechanical rooms take precedence at street level, pushing essential communal and retail spaces to the background. This not only detracts from the city’s aesthetic appeal but also from its potential to foster community and human interaction—the soul of the city.

Drawing parallels with Brasília’s ambitious yet flawed vision of a modernist utopia, Dubai’s current trajectory mirrors a global urban planning quandary. Brasília, designed with the automobile in mind, neglected the pedestrian and communal elements vital to a city’s spirit. The result was a city that, despite its architectural acclaim, failed to resonate with the daily lives and needs of its residents.

The essence of urban charm lies in the communal attributes of a city—the way people interact with their surroundings and each other. This interaction is stifled when urban spaces prioritize cars over people, or when functionality eclipses the human experience.
Cities like New York, Paris, and Tokyo, despite their own unique challenges, have managed to retain their charm through a balanced mix of architecture, accessibility, and vibrant street life.

Dubai stands at a crossroads, with an opportunity to redefine its urban landscape. The solution does not require a rejection of its innovative spirit or a return to traditional urban models. Instead, it calls for a recalibration of priorities—where pedestrian walkways, ground-level retail, and communal spaces like parks and plazas are integral to urban development strategies. By weaving these elements into the fabric of its urban planning, Dubai can cultivate a sense of belonging and community, transforming the narrative from one of criticism to one of admiration.

As Dubai continues to evolve, the decisions made today will shape its identity for generations to come. It’s time for a shift in perspective, from building cities that impress to creating spaces that resonate. The goal should not be just to avoid the pitfalls of past urban planning failures but to envision a city that embraces its unique character while fostering a vibrant, inclusive urban life.

About the Author:

Hamzah Abu Zannad

Hamzah Abu Zannad is an industry expert, co-founder and managing director at Axiom Prime Real Estate Development. With over 20 years of experience in the Dubai real estate market, Hamzah has been instrumental in bringing innovative and sustainable living concepts to the region. Axiom Prime Real Estate Development, under his leadership, is known for its Dutch-inspired cozy and luxurious developments that focus on community-centric designs and cutting-edge technology. Their projects in Jumeirah Village Triangle and Jumeirah Garden City “Satwa” are testament to their commitment to creating spaces that foster a sense of belonging and offer unique opportunities for growth.

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