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Accurate Predictions Of Product Distribution And Sustainability With ZabonEx: Hatim Al Abri and Almuhannad AL Balushi

We recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with Hatim Al Abri and Almuhannad AL Balushi, the Co-founders of ZabonEx. As an adept professional, Hatim and Almuhannad are committed to contributing towards digital transformation and reducing product wastage prevalent in the F&B sector.

ZabonEx provides insightful recommendations to assist businesses in handling their data, creating and implementing more precise explainable machine learning models, and focusing on the needs of their clients. In this interview, Hatim Al Abri and Almuhannad share their perspective on the growth of this company, overcoming challenges, and plans of the company, adapting to the latest trends, and aspiring to leave behind a legacy.

Major Milestones

We started the interview by asking, “Reflecting on your journey with ZabonEx, what pivotal moments and decisions have shaped your path to becoming pioneers in your industry?”

Hatim Al Abri and Almuhannad shared, “The journey to becoming industry leaders at ZabonEx involved engaging with emerging technologies and contributing to digital transformation within the F&B sector. With prior experiences of working in R&D and ICT projects, provided a strong foundation in innovative thinking and project execution.”

Challenging Phase and Key Learnings

Challenging phases are an inevitable part of any business journey. So, we asked Hatim and Almuhannad, “During the development of ZabonEx, what was a particularly challenging phase you encountered, and what key learnings did you gain from it?”

Hatim Al Abri

They replied, “During the early stages, the founders faced challenges in integrating cutting-edge technologies into their business model. My background in telecommunications and ICT, along with our commitment to continuous learning and adaptation, played a crucial role in overcoming these challenges.”

Balancing Demands And Goals

To learn more about how Hatim and Almuhannad ensure a balance between his daily business requirements and visions, we asked, “In the context of ZabonEx, how do you balance addressing immediate operational demands with the pursuit of your long-term vision and goals?”

Hatim Al Abri and Almuhannad respond, “ZabonEx addresses immediate operational demands by leveraging Artificial Intelligence for enhanced decision-making processes, while also keeping an eye on long-term goals through continuous innovation and strategic partnerships within the tech ecosystem.”

Core Services and Future Offerings

We further asked, “Could you shed light on ZabonEx’s core services and any innovative offerings or technologies you are planning to introduce shortly?”

Almuhannad AL Balushi

Hatim Al Abri and Almuhannad continued, “ZabonEx specializes in reducing food waste and enhancing the efficiency of product distribution in the F&B industry through a machine learning-powered prediction engine. This engine is designed to adapt to customers’ consumption habits, enhancing supply and distribution experiences while maximizing profits.”

Acing The Latest Trends

To maintain a strong position in the competitive landscape, it is crucial to adapt to evolving market trends. To learn the strategies adopted by Hatim and Almuhannad for the same, we asked, “What strategies do you employ at ZabonEx to monitor and adapt to changing market trends, and how do these influence your strategic decision-making?”

Hatim Al Abri shared, “The startup emphasizes staying informed about emerging trends through active participation in industry events and training programs. This approach helps in aligning their strategies with changing market conditions and maintaining a competitive edge.”

Impact of Digital Technologies

We were eager to learn about the impact of fast-paced digital transformation on ZabonEx. So, we inquired, “How has the digital revolution reshaped ZabonEx’s operational model, and what pivotal adaptations have been essential for your success?”

The integration of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and potential exploration of blockchain platforms has been crucial for ZabonEx. These technologies have enhanced their services and improved customer experiences, reflecting a tech-savvy approach in the market.” they shared.

Technological Advancements as Game-Changers

Which emerging technologies do you foresee as transformative in your sector, and how is ZabonEx preparing to leverage these advancements?

“We recognized the transformative power of digital solutions, especially AI and blockchain, and how these technologies can enhance decision-making processes and secure transactions.” They shared.

Promoting A Healthy Work Culture, we asked Hatim Al Abri

Fostering a positive work environment is equally essential to ensure the success of any business. So, we asked, “What measures has ZabonEx taken to foster a culture of motivation and engagement among your team members?”

Hatim Al Abri and Almuhannad shared, “ZabonEx fosters a culture of continuous learning and adaptation, encouraging team members to stay informed and skilled in the latest technologies. This approach ensures a motivated and engaged workforce aligned with the startup’s innovative spirit.”

Aspired Legacy and Steps Towards It

“Looking forward, what legacy do you envision for ZabonEx, and what specific actions are you taking to achieve this vision?”

Hatim Al Abri and Almuhannad respond, “The mission of ZabonEx is to prevent product waste and enable eco-friendly sustainable practices in the F&B industry. By providing actionable predictions through our platform, we aim to lead a legacy of innovation and sustainability in the industry.”

They added, “ZabonEx is thrilled to share the exciting news of receiving the “Best Newcomer 2023” award at the Middle East Startup Awards. This prestigious event was hosted at the American University of Ras AL Khaimah, and we are deeply thankful to the event’s organizers and judges for this honor.

This milestone in ZabonEx’s journey is a significant achievement and reflects the impact and effectiveness of our solutions in the F&B sector. It underscores our commitment to sustainability and efficiency, driven by innovative AI and machine learning technologies.

The key to our success has been the invaluable support and nurturing environment provided by Omantel Innovation Labs through their comprehensive accelerator program. Their guidance has been a major catalyst in our growth and in achieving this level of distinction. We remain dedicated to our mission of transforming the Food and Beverage industry through our unique solutions.”

Hatim Al Abri and Almuhannad expressed that attending the Web Summit in Qatar, and LEAP in Riyadh under the generous sponsorship of the Ministry of Transport and Communication and IT in Oman, has been an incredibly enriching experience for our team. These events provided us with unparalleled opportunities to engage with the latest in technology and innovation, fostering connections that transcend geographical boundaries and stimulate growth. The support from the Ministry not only highlighted Oman’s commitment to driving digital transformation but also empowered us to bring valuable insights and opportunities back home, setting a new benchmark for our future endeavors in the startup tech ecosystem.

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