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Sven’s Baker’s: Crafting a Sustainable Culinary Journey

Discover the journey of Sven’s Baker’s Kitchen, where sustainability, health, and community converge. From Germany to the Emirates, Sven’s entrepreneurial path is marked by a commitment to transparent, environmentally friendly practices. With a focus on honest, joyful engagement, the concept delivers not only delicious baked goods but also a platform for education and positive impact. Embraced by communities, Sven’s Baker’s Kitchen is expanding through franchising, offering a taste of its unique blend of tradition and innovation worldwide. Join Sven as he shares his vision for a healthier, more sustainable future, one loaf at a time.

Entrepreneurial Odyssey-We asked, Sven’s Baker’s

We started the interview by asking, “As an entrepreneur and business owner who left his own country and migrated to the Emirates, specifically Dubai, what were the most pressing issues you faced?”

Sven’s Baker’s Mostegl replied,“Yes, I left my own country, Germany, as I noticed significant changes in the general climate and particularly in the business climate during the late 90s and early 2000s. Over the following years, there were substantial changes, especially after 2003, 2004, and 2005, which posed a considerable challenge for entrepreneurs, particularly those who were establishing and building small or medium-sized businesses. These changes led to an environment of business unfriendliness from a business management perspective. As a result, drawing from my experiences in the Emirates, I moved to Dubai, where I initially became involved in construction projects, particularly in the F&B sector, such as labor camps, food factories, and similar ventures. One of the biggest challenges is the diverse mentalities, which not only differ but also vary significantly in terms of approach. There is a partial lack of virtues and a different understanding of how business is conducted. There was, and still is to some extent, a prevailing focus on cost rather than a commitment to sustainability and environmental considerations, as well as customer benefits, which I was trained to prioritize from the earliest years in our own company. Additionally, there are significant differences in mentality among employees, particularly regarding logical, independent, forward-thinking coupled with clear communication, and identification with the company and the entrepreneur. This has posed and continues to pose a challenge for me.”

Evolution in the Emirates

Entrepreneur Mirror: Over the past two decades, during which you have resided in the Emirates and Dubai and engaged in entrepreneurial activities, what particular changes have you observed? – We Asked,Sven’s Baker’s

Sven Mostegl replied,“Oh, I believe I couldn’t possibly enumerate them all. The Emirates are rapidly advancing in all conceivable areas at an astonishing pace. Whether it’s the environment, agriculture, the domains in which I am currently involved and permitted to contribute, technology, legislation, general societal norms, or projects, the Emirates exhibit a velocity befitting the 21st century. This stands in stark contrast to my home country, Germany. The pace at which projects or laws are implemented in Germany, for example, is many times slower than in the Emirates. And as we all know, everything is accelerating, facilitated by technology. As the saying goes, “those who do not keep up with the times will be left behind.” It’s no wonder that the Emirates, and Dubai in particular, are often referred to as the “land of tomorrow” in many reports, even in Germany.

Inspiration behind Sven’s Baker’s Kitchen

Entrepreneur Mirror: Then arose within you the desire to establish Baker’s Kitchen, or as it is known today, Sven’s Baker’s Kitchen. What prompted this decision?

Sven Mostegl replied,“The idea for Baker’s Kitchen, in terms of entrepreneurial activity rather than the name, had already occurred to me as a young man during my apprenticeship as a baker. This was one reason why, after completing my apprenticeship, I left my family home and ventured afar, as my father considered my ideas at the time to be outdated and unfeasible. Well, one could argue about what is considered contemporary, as several decades passed before I implemented these ideas in the Emirates, specifically in Dubai. The underlying concept was to create something sustainable, honest, transparent, and supportive. The aim, as perceived back then, was to help customers, who are now seen as friends, improve their lives in terms of health and beauty. And what better way to do so than through nutrition? Nutrition has always been, in my view, the most significant environmental factor while simultaneously offering the greatest advantage, as it is within one’s control. Individuals have the power to decide what, how, and where they eat, shaping their lifestyle accordingly. The implementation occurred over a decade ago, and the result is that we are now expanding into franchising with various concepts, ranging from small 12-square-meter coffee shops to restaurants with bakeries.”

Differentiation through Purpose

Entrepreneur Mirror: What sets your Sven Bakers Kitchen concept apart from other culinary concepts? What are your unique selling points (USPs) compared to others?

Sven’s Baker’s replied,“Indeed, a very intriguing question, and the answer has evolved over time. From my youth to the opening of Baker’s Kitchen, our unique selling points have been established. Firstly, we operate with transparency and honesty. Our primary directive is the well-being of the world and its people. Both must be mentioned together, as people cannot exist without our fantastic Earth. The second directive is to ensure that everyone, including ourselves, the staff, and our friends (or customers, if you will), experiences fun and joy when engaging with Sven’s Baker’s Kitchen. And thirdly, we aim to generate entrepreneurial profits, which we mostly reinvest to continue making positive impacts. For instance, a small company like ours annually donates over $25,000 for events, national days, school performances, and more, to provide people with healthy baked goods and meals. Additionally, on World Bread Days, we donate up to 1,000 loaves to those in need or organizations. Our aim is to provide the world and its people with healthy baked goods and meals in a sustainable atmosphere. We seek to demonstrate to businesses, investors, and partners that the path of “cheap, cheap” – truly, one must say, mindlessly cheap – is not the right approach for the 21st century.”

Building a Greener Tomorrow

Entrepreneur Mirror: In your response to our previous question, you mentioned the creation of a sustainable, environmentally friendly atmosphere. Could you please elaborate on this?

Sven Mostegl replied,“Yes, it wasn’t enough for me to just bake healthy and sustainable bread or to select and process foods and raw materials that are regionally and organically grown with a low carbon footprint. I believe that resources are finite. And I firmly believe that the 21st century is the century in which we dig up and retrieve the waste of the 20th and 19th centuries from the oceans that we buried and sunk. That’s why we always look at how much our location and associated partners allow us to operate all of our furniture through upcycling. And to practice recycling in our food concepts. If you’ve closely examined the films and images on our social media and website, you’ll notice that all our tables consist of tabletops made by our carpenters from construction waste wood. From woods that neither rot nor burn. This releases gases and substances that we keep within our concept on the premises. That our sofas, armchairs, and chairs are used and have been reupholstered. That we create an interesting atmosphere of interest, history, and nostalgia with still fully functional but discarded bakery machines, among other things. That, as far as it makes sense, some of our bakery machines are second hand. We live the idea of sustainability and environmental friendliness. Plastic is gradually being completely eliminated from our concepts. We work with glass, which is issued as a deposit with a deposit and, when returned, the deposit is refunded. This list of interesting ideas we practice could go on endlessly, and the list automatically extends every year. Because science and industry continually find new ways to work sustainably and environmentally friendly. We live what we say, which is clear, visible, and understandable for everyone, every woman and every family, and everyone who visits us.”

Community Engagement

Entrepreneur Mirror: What kind of response has your concept elicited from your customers and the general public in recent years? Do you feel and believe that Sven Bakers Kitchen has been embraced by the public?

Sven’s Baker’s replied,“I firmly believe that the past eight to ten years have demonstrated that our idea, our concept, and the evolution of our concept have been more than just accepted. We have become an integral part of many communities. We are evolving into a focal point in society where people gather and exchange ideas. Where they trustingly receive healthy bread products sustainably.Where education is imparted to improve the lives of many of our friends. I am consistently delighted to be involved in projects related to the environment, sustainability, grains, bread, and nutrition. We are visiting numerous countries worldwide to examine how environmental sustainability intersects with food, health, and bread.This goes beyond mere acceptance. Furthermore, we are now in the process of franchising. In July 2024, we will open our first franchise in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Further inquiries are already being processed. Invitations to lectures, events, and training sessions to which I am invited worldwide confirm this.”

Current and Upcoming Initiatives

Entrepreneur Mirror: What are specific ideas and projects that you have already implemented or are in the process of implementing in the near future? Or is there something secret?

Sven Mostegl replied,“We have no secrets here. Well, except perhaps for some special, unique recipes that are exclusively ours worldwide. We are very transparent, even when it comes to goals, desires, and projects. Whenever a new project is planned, our friends (or customers) and our business partners are involved. Experiences are exchanged, opinions are sought. This also applies to specific projects, such as a general book about me, Sven the Baker, initially focusing on topics like environment, health, grains, and bread. But also regarding franchising. We have clear, concrete inquiries from the Emirates themselves and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, new products are being developed, particularly in the areas of grain-free, gluten-free, vegan, ketogenic, and sustainable baking. The list of projects in progress and about to begin is long. However, we love to tackle them one by one. Furthermore, negotiations with investors and investor groups are ongoing, which could potentially promote the possibilities of faster and further expansion. In general, we often discuss our goals and projects with our friends and anyone interested, as synergies are constantly being discovered, sometimes with people we hadn’t even considered.”

Sven’s Vision for a Sustainable Future

Lastly we asked,“Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers in general about yourself, your concept, or in general?”

“Indeed, there is another kind of addendum. Every reader and every person should be aware and realize that the world, our wonderful Earth, is limited, that resources are finite and limited, that according to various sources and universities, 70 to 80 percent of the seabed is destroyed, up to 75 percent of agricultural land areas are dead, that the majority of the 0.3 percent of drinking water on this planet is contaminated, and the situation with the air is not any better. Yet, valuable forests, the lungs of our Earth, the lungs of our future, die every day. It’s astonishing that with our behavior and also with what and how we eat, we have the greatest impact on all these factors. Each individual has it within their own power to contribute to prolonging the possibility of the human species’ existence. One should not forget that 99 percent of all species that once inhabited this planet no longer exist. Whether humans belong to that or not is in their own hands. This also includes becoming aware of one’s own dreams and desires and fulfilling them. Because only when one is happy and content they can they help others become happy and content. Everyone should see how they can find their small niche, their task, to contribute to this great goal of humanity. We should not always live and work with double standards and blame everything on others. Taking action, getting involved, creating values should be the slogan. Not just talking and blaming others. Having the courage to be different, the courage to take action, and make one’s dreams come true, and to turn this world back into the paradise it once was.” Sven Mosteglconcluded

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