Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Microsoft Prepares a New AI Model to Contend with Google, OpenAI

According to the information, Microsoft is developing a new, in-house AI language model capable of competing with Alphabet’s Google and OpenAI. According to the report, the new model, known internally as MAI-1, is overseen by recently hired Mustafa Suleyman, a Google DeepMind co-founder and former CEO of AI startup Inflection.

According to the report, MAI-1 will be “far larger” than the previous smaller, open-source models trained by Microsoft, implying that it will be more expensive. Microsoft launched a smaller artificial intelligence model called Phi-3-mini last month to reach a larger client base with more affordable options.

The company has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI and integrated the ChatGPT maker’s technology into its productivity software suite, giving it an early advantage in the generative AI race.

According to the report, Microsoft has set aside a large cluster of servers equipped with Nvidia graphic processing units and large amounts of data to improve the model.

According to the report, MAI-1 will have approximately 500 billion parameters, while OpenAI’s GPT-4 is expected to have one trillion parameters and Phi-3 mini measures 3.8 billion parameters. In March, Microsoft appointed Suleyman as the head of its newly formed consumer AI unit and hired several Inflection employees.

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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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