Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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The Largest Corporations Endorse the Adoption of GS1 Standards for QR Codes.

22 industry leaders, including online marketplaces like Alibaba.com, retailers like Carrefour, and manufacturers like Procter & Gamble, are advocating for the widespread use of QR Codes with GS1 standards on the 50th anniversary of the first barcode being scanned. These QR Codes, powered by GS1, the premier standards organization responsible for the barcode, can provide a plethora of product information readily accessible through smartphones. This is anticipated to transform the shopping experience for customers completely.

The initial barcode was widely adopted due to the cooperation between manufacturers and retailers through GS1, which began with the first scan in 1974. More than 1 billion products have barcodes on them, and more than 10 billion products have been scanned using this technology, making it the reliable global method for product identification.

In contrast to conventional barcodes, GS1-powered QR Codes can provide customers with a wealth of product information to enhance their experience, such as usage and recycling guidelines, safety data, dietary information, and industry certifications.

Carrefour’s mission is to deliver high-quality food and products to its customers. According to Alexandre Bompard, Chairman and CEO of Carrefour, “2D barcodes are a promising way to honour this goal with more transparent and richer product information.” “We also see numerous chances to provide a more interesting experience while showcasing our dedication to environmental and social responsibility. Carrefour and GS1 have been partners for a considerable amount of time, and we are thrilled to lead this initiative.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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