Monday, May 27, 2024
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This Year, OPSWAT Anticipates Growing by More Than 100%.

We’ve seen growth of more than 150% annually over the past few years. We’re branching out into other markets. In the past few years, we have concentrated on banks and government. We’re getting into energy more now, investing more in gas and oil. In an interview with Khaleej Times on the fringes of Gisec Global 2024, Saif AlRefai, Solutions Engineering Team Lead—META, OPSWAT, stated, “We’re going more into nuclear education and healthcare as well.”

Experts from OPSWAT will demonstrate at the event how the company’s solutions are specifically made for the special cybersecurity problems that arise from the fusion of operational and IT technologies.

According to Sertan Selcuk, Vice President for METAP & CIS, OPSWAT, “Industry 4.0 presents a challenge to any organization that maintains an OT setup because the dismantling of barriers between IT and OT has exposed critical infrastructure to a range of attack vectors.” “However, at OPSWAT, we emphasize the significance of cyber resilience more than just cybersecurity—we are focused on enabling our customers to continue operations in the face of evolving threats, and a process-driven approach supports us.”

The market for OPSWAT is expanding quickly. Businesses and corporations are investing an increasing amount of money on IoT security and its convergence. Thus, it is evident that the market is expanding quickly, according to AlRefai.

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Monday, May 27, 2024

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