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Tips on How To Style Short Hair

In the ever-changing landscape of fashion and beauty, short hair has defied the fleeting nature of trends. Short haircuts are known for their versatility, low maintenance, and elegance. Hairstylists and celebrities alike have proven that there are countless ways of styling short hair. Beyond the practical benefits of low maintenance and easy styling, short hair also offers a unique chance to express personal style. 

How to Style Short Hair? Best Trends for Women

1. Shixie

The shixie combines the best of two hairstyles: the shag and the pixie. It combines the textured layers of the shag with the short length of a pixie. The shixie typically falls around the ears or chin, offering extra length than a traditional pixie cut. Shixie adds volume and dimension to the hair. From sleek and polished to messy and textured, the shixie offers different styles. Shixie can adapt to all types of faces and hair textures.

2. Textured Pixie

The textured pixie is a versatile short hairstyle that creates a voluminous, messy, and effortlessly chic look. The textured pixie falls typically above or just below the ears. Layers are essential to this style, adding texture, volume, and dimension to the hair. Various ways to style hair is among the advantage of the textured pixie cut. It can adapt to different personal styles and occasions. The easiness of management and low maintenance of the cut add to its benefits. The layered structure helps to balance out round faces and lengthen square faces.

3. The Wolf Cut

The wolf cut has been the answer to many people’s dilemma on how to style short hair. The cut is proving to be a popular choice for women who want a stylish and edgy haircut. The Short and choppy layers on top add to the volume and texture of the hair. The wolf cut can be adapted to suit most face shapes and hair textures. The wolf cut has a few variations, like the long wolf cut, short wolf cut, wolf cut with bangs and shaggy wolf cut.

4. Breezy Bob

The breezy bob is a timeless and elegant short haircut. It is a versatile look that adapts to a personal style. The breezy bob typically falls around the chin, and the layers add volume and dimension to the hair, creating a soft look. Various methods of styling are an added advantage of the breezy bob and require only minimum styling. 

5. Sleek Bob with Fringe

The sleek bob with fringe is a classic haircut that has been popular for decades. The sleek bob typically falls around the chin, and blunt ends give the haircut a polished look. The fringe can be blunt or side-swept to suit the face shapes and preferences. The sleek bob with fringe is a classic style that never goes out of trend.

How to Style Short Hair? Best Trends for Men

1. Textured Quiff

The textured quiff is a modern hairstyle for men that has short sides and longer hair on top. The style is a versatile look that is adaptable to any conditions. The textured quiff hairstyle suits most face shapes. The volume on top helps to balance out long and round faces. The textured quiff is a popular hairstyle among celebrities and fashion influencers.

2. Fade

The fade is a versatile haircut with the opportunity to customize it to suit any hair type or face shape. There are many options to fade, such as the high fade, the low fade, and the skin fade.

3. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a classic hairstyle for men that remains popular to this day. The style maintains short hair of uniform length all over the head. The buzz cut requires minimal effort to maintain as a quick wash and dry delivers a polished look. Oval head shapes are ideal for buzz cuts.

4. Side Part

The side part is a versatile men’s hairstyle that remains popular even after decades. It divides the hair by parting either to the left or right side, creating a clean and defined line. The side part can adapt to various face shapes. It can lengthen round faces and soften sharp features. Compared to longer hairstyles, the side part requires minimal maintenance. The traditional side part features a clean part with smooth, polished hair. Whereas the modern style adds texture and volume to the top hair.

5. Crew Cut

The crew cut is a practical short hairstyle for men. The hairstyle is easy to maintain, making it a popular option for men of all ages. The short hair length makes the crew cut an appropriate choice for warmer weather. The crew cut can adapt to suit various face shapes. The crew cut has clean and defined lines that give a neat appearance.

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