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Top 10 Marketing Leaders In The Gulf And MENA Region – 2024

It’s 2024 and every industry is evolving to their best levels. The same goes for the marketing industry. With professionals building new marketing tactics to leaders showcasing their impressive skills – the trends and transformation never ends. With changing consumer behaviors and rapid technological advancements, the role of marketing leaders is more crucial than ever. Marketing leaders use different methods, technologies, and even AI, to prepare the best of marketing strategies. That’s why we aim to talk about the top 10 marketing leaders in the Gulf and MENA region ruling in 2024.

Since digital transformation and digitalization keeps on growing, we can see the rise in marketing demands. Here comes the roles of marketing leaders who are accelerating digital growth and differentiation. They use digital platforms for targeted outreach and personalized engagement that becomes a key benefit in this digital world.. As we delve into the profiles of these top ten leaders, their strategic foresight and adaptive leadership shine through. They are not just driving immediate business impact but also shaping the future of marketing in the region.

Top 10 Marketing Leaders | Gulf & MENA Region

Below, we have presented the top 10 marketing leaders in the gulf and MENA region who are creating waves in 2024 using their innovative ideas and strategies. Let’s get to it.

1. Saad Anwar | Visionary Entrepreneur and Investor

saad anwar - top 10 marketing leaders in the gulf and mena in 2024

Saad Anwar, Co-Founder and CEO of Senyar Arabian Trading Company, began his career at 18 and quickly evolved from various roles into a pioneering entrepreneur. His leadership has been instrumental in transforming the Senyar Arabian Trading Company into a significant player in the international market, especially following the Saudi government’s decision in 2021 to allow foreign business ownership.

Under his guidance, his companies emphasize diversity, inclusion, and equity, creating a productive workplace culture that values collective success. His approach to leadership is encapsulated in his belief that “success is a partnership of efforts with like-minded individuals.” This philosophy has steered his companies through numerous challenges, including strict regulatory environments and market expansions.

Saad’s achievements extend beyond business operations to mentoring small and medium enterprises, and his future plans involve expanding his influence as an international investor. Reflecting on his journey, Saad shares, “I started my career from nil and am now standing as an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. I had to step into several uncharted territories before finding my ultimate quest.”

LinkedIn | Instagram

2. Filippo Galletti | Visionary Business Development Specialist and Startup Broker

Filippo Galletti - top 10 marketing leader 2024

Filippo Galletti is a distinguished Business Development Specialist and Startup Broker, celebrated for his strategic acumen in driving startup growth across the Gulf and MENA regions. With over eight years of experience, he has facilitated a remarkable 40% growth rate within the first year for more than 30 startups, showcasing his mastery in fostering early-stage companies.

As the founder of Filippo Galletti Design® and co-founder of Beeptalk©, Filippo has not only spearheaded significant sales increases but also developed cutting-edge solutions that span the fashion and technology sectors. His role with Fvtura©, a venture builder and accelerator, highlights his pivotal contributions to nurturing startups and easing their market entry, particularly in Dubai.

Filippo’s expertise extends to conducting in-depth market research and competition analysis, which has been instrumental in identifying target markets and securing strategic partnerships. His approach often incorporates AI-powered solutions, setting new industry benchmarks, especially in the realms of luxury fashion and technology.

His deep understanding of the Gulf and MENA markets has enabled him to successfully expand market presence and forge substantial networks with key industry stakeholders. Filippo’s efforts have significantly influenced local markets, enhancing the regional business landscape through innovative projects and collaborations.

Looking ahead, Filippo is committed to driving sustainable growth through innovative marketing and business strategies. He aims to continue his leadership role, inspiring and catalyzing further success within the business development and marketing sectors. Known for his innovation and leadership, Filippo Galletti is continually striving to exceed industry standards, solidifying his status as a pivotal figure in business development and startup growth.

LinkedIn | Beeptalk

3. Gevara Salloum | Trailblazer in Automotive Marketing at Caraagy Universal 

Gevara Salloum - top 10 marketing leaders in the gulf and mena region

Gevara Salloum, the National Parts Manager at ALTAWKILAT’s Caraagy Universal, is a pioneering force in the automotive industry within the Gulf and MENA region. As a founding member of the international brand Magneti Marelli at Samaco Company, Gevara was instrumental in carving a niche for the brand in a fiercely competitive market. His strategic vision and deep understanding of market dynamics played a critical role in establishing Magneti Marelli as a key player in the automotive landscape.


Further advancing his impact, Gevara was pivotal in the formation of the National Spare Parts Company (NAP) under Petromin. There, he meticulously crafted the foundations of a robust supply chain and streamlined operations, setting a high standard for quality parts and exceptional service delivery. His efforts ensured that NAP became synonymous with reliability and efficiency, significantly enhancing its market presence.

Currently, at Caraagy Universal, Gevara is spearheading the development of an all-encompassing spare parts department. His extensive expertise in spare parts management and his innovative approach to business operations have been key to optimizing inventory levels, improving cost efficiency, and enhancing customer satisfaction across the board.

Gevara’s leadership is characterized by his commitment to excellence and his ability to foresee industry trends and adapt strategies accordingly. His contributions have not only propelled the growth of the companies he has been associated with but also set new benchmarks for success in the automotive parts industry. Gevara Salloum continues to be a respected figure in automotive marketing, driving continuous improvement and innovation in every facet of his professional endeavors.

LinkedIn | Website | ALTAWKILAT

4. Chris Redmond | Streaming and Media Marketing Trailblazer

chris redmond - top 10 marketing leaders 2024

Chris Redmond has carved a distinctive niche in the global streaming and media sector, leading the way in recruitment and human capital. His platform, OTTRED, unites thousands of professionals across 62 countries, making it a pivotal community for industry collaboration. Through innovative channels like his podcasts with industry leaders, the OTTRED App, and hosting global events, Chris has solidified his position as one of the top 10 marketing leaders in the Gulf & MENA region.

In his latest venture, The StreamingElite programme, Chris empowers CEOs to elevate their LinkedIn pages, turning them into the most valuable online resources for their companies. This reflects his profound understanding of professional networking and personal branding on LinkedIn.

chris redmond - top 10 marketing leaderss

Chris is the co-founder of RedHolt Recruitment alongside his wife Amanda, specializing in the streaming and media industries. He also owns StudioRED, a production studio, and is a major shareholder in a software company. Beyond these, his entrepreneurial spirit extends to owning interests in a champagne brand among other ventures.

A staunch advocate for LinkedIn marketing, Chris has cultivated a substantial following, with personal connections exceeding 20,000 and a company following of 44,000. He credits his success to his strategic approach to LinkedIn marketing, stating, “Adopting a clear methodology to marketing on LinkedIn has meant that in the last four years, my company has not done any outbound sales efforts, and our marketing has facilitated 100% inbound sales.”

LinkedIn | Website | StreamingElite, LinkedIn training for the C-Suite

5. Amr Elzaky | Visionary Leader in Industrial Optimization at AIC


Amr Elzaky’s career, spanning over two decades, is marked by a steadfast dedication to optimizing industrial operations. As the driving force behind AIC, he utilizes his extensive experience in Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) to lead a team committed to delivering superior MRO solutions. His journey began in sales and marketing, which laid the groundwork for his client-centered leadership approach.

Today, Amr is celebrated for transforming AIC into a hub for cutting-edge MRO solutions through strategic partnerships with renowned brands like ITW ROCOL® and ZERUST®. He emphasizes, “We don’t just supply products; we build partnerships and provide comprehensive solutions that enhance our clients’ operations.”

Under his leadership, AIC has achieved significant milestones, such as reducing unplanned downtime by 20% for a leading manufacturing plant, illustrating the effectiveness of AIC’s tailored maintenance programs and high-performance products. “Our success is measured by our clients’ success, which drives us to continually innovate and improve,” Amr states.

Looking to the future, Amr is keen on integrating AI into AIC’s services to revolutionize predictive maintenance. This forward-thinking approach ensures AIC remains at the forefront of the MRO industry, providing solutions that are not only effective but sustainable and technologically advanced.


6. Lesley Ann Van Selm | Visionary Leader and Founder of Khulisa Social Solutions

lesley Ann Van Selm - top 10 marketing leaders

Lesley Ann Van Selm is the founder and managing director of Khulisa Social Solutions, a trailblazer in the field of social impact entrepreneurship. With a career that spans several decades, Lesley has dedicated her life to driving positive change in marginalized communities across South Africa and beyond. Her innovative approaches have not only empowered countless individuals but also transformed entire communities.

At the core of Lesley’s work is a commitment to social cohesion, restorative justice, and community-led initiatives. Under her leadership, Khulisa has implemented numerous groundbreaking programs tackling issues such as dysfunctionality in schools, youth development, and social reintegration. These initiatives have established her as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for sustainable development.

An Ashoka Fellow, Lesley recently enhanced her academic credentials with a professional doctorate from a prestigious European university, affirming her expertise and relentless commitment to social change. Her ability to mobilize communities and foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders has earned her widespread recognition and respect within and outside of South Africa.

Lesley’s dedication to improving lives, combined with her strategic vision and innovative solutions, continues to inspire future generations of leaders. She embodies the profound impact that compassionate, resilient, and determined leadership can have on the world, making her story a powerful testament to the transformative power of social entrepreneurship.

LinkedIn | Khulisa Social Solutions

7. Lori Figueiredo | Change & Digital Learning Strategist at SYZYGY®

lori figueiredo top 10 marketing leaders

Lori Figueiredo is a transformative Change & Digital Learning Strategist at SYZYGY®, revolutionizing the way organizations approach continuous learning and improvement. Driven by a passion to challenge outdated educational practices, Lori has introduced innovative strategies that inspire global organizations to rethink their learning methodologies.

With a focus on building agile teams and fostering a high-performance culture, Lori leverages technology to enhance learning processes. Her approach has evolved from traditional e-learning to incorporating AI-driven platforms that offer personalized, actionable learning experiences. Through the SYZYGY® Methodology, she combines psychology with advanced technology to facilitate Digital, Social, and Action Learning, helping teams achieve their goals through enhanced collaboration.

One of her key achievements includes a pioneering partnership with Cisco Systems, which capitalized on emerging tech to enhance tech-enabled learning. Lori continues to innovate by integrating AI to streamline learning processes, moving away from content-heavy strategies to focus on real-time learning experiences in self-organizing teams.

Looking forward, Lori aims to expand the SYZYGY® Methodology to further blend AI with human intelligence, enhancing decision-making and problem-solving within teams. Her vision is captured in her own words: ““as we digitize, we need to humanize”. This includes developing HI (human intelligence) as fast as we are developing AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities.”

LinkedIn | Fusion by SYZYGY | Website

8. Hussein Salloum | Trailblazer in Renewable Energy Sales and Marketing

hussein salloum top 10 marketing leaders

Hussein Salloum is a seasoned Sales and Marketing Director with 20 years of experience, primarily focused on the UAE and GCC markets. He is currently working as director of EnergyPro Electrical, a leading company in the field. As a regional leader, his expertise encompasses a broad spectrum within the energy sector, including renewable energy, electrical power distribution, switchgear, and smart metering across the Middle East and African regions.

His professional prowess is further solidified by several prestigious certifications. In 2022, Hussein was awarded a Certification of Westford Research & Leadership Bootcamp by Cambridge International Qualifications, demonstrating his leadership capabilities in high-stakes environments. Additionally, he holds a specialized certification from SIEMENS for training and operating SIMOPRIME products, enhancing his technical acumen in critical energy infrastructure.

In 2021, Hussein achieved a Certification of Executive Leadership by PMI, recognizing his strategic vision and executive management skills in the renewable energy sector. He reflects on his accolades, stating, “These recognitions are not just accolades but affirmations that our strategies and innovations are steering the industry towards sustainable growth.”

Hussein’s career is distinguished by a robust understanding of market dynamics and a keen ability to spearhead sales initiatives that significantly boost regional energy frameworks. His leadership has catalyzed growth and technological integration across diverse markets, making substantial impacts on energy solutions in the region.


9. Juan José Thuemme | Visionary Global Flavorist at Etadar By Deiman

Juan José Thuemme top 10 marketing leaders

Juan José Thuemme, a seasoned Global Flavorist at Etadar By Deiman, has dedicated over three decades to the craft of flavor development, particularly focusing on authentic Mexican cuisine. He is renowned for his role in preserving traditional Mexican flavors and adapting them for a global palate. “My mission has been to create and sustain the rich, authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine, making them accessible worldwide,” Juan explains.

His significant achievements include the development of innovative sugar substitutes and unique flavor profiles like zapote, which are quintessentially Mexican. Juan’s work has not only contributed to the culinary arts but also to educational efforts, having established ‘Native Flavors’—a school that educates global audiences about Mexican gastronomy.

Faced with challenges like technological limitations and supply chain issues, Juan has adeptly navigated these obstacles by innovating within raw material constraints to maintain high-quality flavor production. His approach to leadership involves empowering his team through innovation and comprehensive training, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the industry’s demands.

Juan’s insights into the role of technology in flavor development are forward-thinking. “Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing our industry, allowing us to develop flavors with precision and confidentiality that were unimaginable before,” he remarks.

Looking ahead, Juan sees a significant shift towards plant-based foods, driven by rising food costs and sustainability concerns. His visionary perspective is set to guide Etadar By Deiman as they adapt to these market changes, continuing to influence the global flavor industry profoundly.

LinkedIn | Etadar By Deiman | Website

10. Hamza Afzal | Founder of SaaS Marketing Gurus & Strategic Growth Expert

hamza afzal top 10 marketing leaders

Hamza Afzal is the founder of SaaS Marketing Gurus and a seasoned SaaS Marketing Consultant renowned for his expertise in launching innovative products and enhancing brand visibility on platforms like Product Hunt. His marketing approach is deeply rooted in data analysis, aimed at connecting with audiences and building trust in brand online presences. With a rich skill set that includes strategic product launches, online reputation management, and executing impactful PPC, SEO/SEM, and email marketing campaigns, Hamza excels in transforming marketing challenges into opportunities for growth.

Currently expanding his educational horizons in Germany, Hamza is not just pursuing higher studies but also immersing himself in a new cultural and educational environment. This endeavor aims to sharpen his skills and broaden his understanding of global market dynamics. “This academic pursuit is more than just learning; it’s about enhancing my capacity to deliver even more innovative and impactful marketing solutions to my clients,” Hamza reflects on his experience.

Starting his career in 2013 as a junior SEO specialist, Hamza has made significant strides in the digital marketing world, particularly in SaaS product marketing over the past five years. He states, “I have helped over 200 product owners successfully launch on Product Hunt, achieving an outstanding 90% success rate.” His efforts have extended to managing the online reputations of more than 30 companies, significantly enhancing their visibility across key platforms.

Moreover, Hamza has successfully launched over 10 products on AppSumo and other marketplaces, providing essential branding and revenue generation support for product owners. His SEO optimization efforts for over 50 companies have been crucial in generating leads, while his social media management services have assisted more than 50 clients in building their brands and increasing awareness.

LinkedIn | SaaS Marketing Gurus | Website

Growth of the Marketing Industry

The marketing landscape in the Gulf and MENA region is rapidly evolving. This transformation is driven by technological advancements and shifting consumer expectations. Digital ad spending in the Middle East and North Africa is projected to reach $9.8 billion by 2024, highlighting the growing importance of digital channels in reaching today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Access to mobile gives people early access to information around the globe, empowering them like never before. This shift challenges marketers to adopt more personalized and data-driven strategies. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the high return on investment in digital marketing, which is driving the demand for skilled marketing professionals. AI and machine learning are changing the game, enabling predictive analytics, automated customer interactions, and real-time campaign optimization. This technological leap enhances efficiency and allows for highly targeted messaging.

Combining creative expertise with technological prowess is now essential. It ensures that brands stay agile and responsive in an era of rapid change. As the marketing industry continues to grow, collaboration between these elements becomes a crucial driver of success. This synergy helps brands remain competitive and relevant in the dynamic Gulf and MENA markets.

Conclusion: Top 10 Marketing Leaders

The top marketing leaders in the Gulf and MENA region blend visionary leadership with technological expertise. Their contributions elevate brand strategies and set new benchmarks for innovation. As they push boundaries and redefine norms, their ingenuity and commitment will shape the future of marketing in this vibrant region.

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