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Top 10 Sustainable Tech Companies Across The Globe: 2023

Businesses are more motivated than ever to demonstrate their dedication to enhancing their sustainability credentials. Just in 2023, we have already seen an increase in reporting standards, renewable energy targets, and company transparency, to mention a few. However, many businesses have gone above and beyond to become sustainable pioneers, and the companies on this list stand for those who have achieved outstanding progress in making good long-term benefits.  Let us read about some of them in detail. These businesses serve as role models, proving that sustainability and profitability are compatible.

  • The Schneider Electric Company 

Of all the multinational corporations, Schneider Electric is the most impactful regarding sustainability. It promotes partnership ecosystems and open standards that are enthusiastic about the company’s inclusive, empowered, and shared-meaningful mission. Schneider Electric was founded with sustainability at its core. The company promises to work towards a climate-positive and resource-efficient future, upholds its trust-based guiding concept, promotes equitable opportunities, harnesses the strength of all generations, and supports local communities. Another essential goal for Schneider Electric is DE&I. Its 130,000 employees come from 108 nations, 182 nationalities, and five generations. And 34% of the company’s employees were women as of December 2022. 

  • Siemens 

Technology behemoth Siemens concentrates on business, transportation, infrastructure, and healthcare. Siemens lets clients tweak their businesses and markets through the daily lives of billions of people impacted by fusing the physical and digital worlds.  In order to promote internal change inside their own operations as well as in collaboration with their clients, Siemens has established extremely clear and ambitious goals for fundamental ESG subjects. Siemens seeks to improve sustainability through improving the planet, generating value for everybody, and promoting sustainable growth.

  • Unilever 

Unilever, one of the most well-known sustainable businesses, is introducing innovative packaging with the hope that paper-based bottles will eventually replace plastic. The company is devoted to creating plant-based substitutes for cleaning products and packaging made from fossil fuels, attaining net-zero carbon emissions by 2039, and taking social action for the welfare of people. The company has a firm understanding of its social and environmental responsibility.

  • Ørsted 

rsted, one of the most sustainable companies has committed to using renewable energy to combat climate change. As the first global energy company with a net-zero emissions aim, Orsted provides its clients with energy products. This business, one of the biggest producers of renewable energy, switched from utilizing fossil fuels to renewable energy for its operations and established a goal to become carbon neutral by 2025.   All new renewable energy projects that Orsted commissions starting in 2030 are expected to have a net-positive impact on biodiversity.

  • Nvidia 

One of the biggest producers of semiconductor chips worldwide is Nvidia. For the gaming, mobile, and automotive industries, it is one of the world’s top designers of graphics processing units (GPUs) and system-on-chip units (SOCs). Nvidia has a significant carbon footprint, given its magnitude as a semiconductor maker. It mines resources, and its industries and labs are water and power-hungry. On the other hand, Nvidia is recognized for its eco-friendly operations, running at up to 35% power efficiency. It has promised to use 65% more renewable energy by 2025. Additionally, the producer complies fully with the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process. It is recognized for its excellent medical plan, paid parental leave policy, and environmental sustainability.

  • Cisco Systems Inc.

Cisco is one of the best designers and producers of networking hardware, software, and telecommunications gear. It also ranks amongst the top sustainable businesses. It is incredibly energy-efficient throughout its supply chain, from obtaining resources, creating goods, and using power to encouraging fair hiring practices and protecting data. According to Cisco, 80% of its power (used just for operations) is clean. It has about 50% lessened its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. (Scope 1 describes emissions produced by direct, privately owned sources, such as business cars. Indirect sources like heating and cooling systems are included in scope 2. While the remaining elements of the value chain, such as employee commuting and waste management, are responsible for Scope 3 emissions.)  

  • Stantec 

Stantec is one of the greenest businesses in the world, in North America. Clean earnings and clean investment, products, and services with a demonstrable impact on the environment and society accounted for half of the company’s overall score. According to Gord Johnston, president and chief executive officer of Stantec, their exceptional track record on sustainability results from their people’s intense dedication and superb leadership throughout their global operations. Their teams are trying to increase sustainability in their business operations and helping clients create and meet their sustainability goals. 

  • McCormick and Co. 

McCormick & Company is also an impactful, most sustainable company globally; it leads the food sector. Since the index’s debut five years ago, the packaged and processed food sector in the United States has climbed 16 points to its highest position. The future of flavor and reducing one’s impact on the environment are more important than ever, according to Lawrence E. Kurzius, chairman and president of McCormick & Company. The business is dedicated to producing clean revenue, completing renewable energy projects, and switching to only using circular packaging.

  • Kering 

Only Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Ulysse Nardin, and the parent business of Pomellato are among the top 10 sustainable firms. When measured against 24 quantitative KPIs, including resource management, people management, financial management, clean revenue and investment, and supplier performance, Kering maintained its good position. To influence the future of luxury, sustainability is promoted at every level of governance, from the Board of Directors to the House managers. Kering’s promise to protect the environment it depends on is a big step forward for the fashion business. It opens a tremendous window for the luxury market to influence the general public and help reinvent fashion and luxury products. 

  • American Water Works Company

American Water Works Company is the world’s largest publicly listed water and wastewater utility business. It is a US corporation with more than 6,800 workers. Despite providing services to 15 million clients across 46 states, the company uses 12.5 billion fewer liters of water annually owing to its efficiency measures. Treating wastewater is only one aspect of their dedication to enhancing their company’s sustainability. Another is supplying their consumers with a steady supply of safe, clean, and inexpensive water.

Environmentally conscious businesses use environmentally friendly manufacturing and production techniques and create sustainable and ethically sourced products. Businesses that value the environment also seek to fundamentally alter how businesses participate and are held accountable for environmental protection. Environmentally friendly companies go above and beyond with their efforts to combat climate change. They work to protect the environment by supporting sustainable policies, promoting environmental awareness and local participation in conservation efforts, working with other campaigns and groups, and more, in addition to integrating sustainability into their core business operations. 

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