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Top 10 Tech Leaders To Watch out in 2024

Technology; a factor that never remains constant, always keeps transforming, in different ways. When we talk about the dynamic realm of technology, 2024 promises to be a year of groundbreaking advancements and transformative innovations. As industries rapidly adapt to technological shifts, the spotlight shines brightly on visionary leaders who are not just shaping but redefining the future. In this article, we talk about the top 10 tech leaders who are revolutionizing the technology industry in 2024. 

Top 10 Tech Leaders Revolutionizing 2024

Below are the top 10 tech leaders promoting innovation and leading by example. Let’s get to it.

1. Mas Watad | Tech Innovator in Health and Wellness

 Mas Watad - top 10 tech leaders

Mas Watad stands at the forefront of technological innovation in health and wellness, particularly within the MENA region. As the visionary behind Dawsat, Mas and her co-founder Tally Zinger have created a culturally relevant, technology-based health coaching platform that addresses the unique challenges posed by the region’s dietary habits and lifestyle.

“My vision has always centered on promoting health and creating a safe environment where people can comfortably share their experiences,” Mas explains. This vision has led to the development of Dawsat’s mobile app and digital tools, which simplify personalized weight loss information, making it accessible on the go. The Dawsat weight loss method uses a points-based system allowing for dietary flexibility, incorporating traditional dishes, which makes the process more inclusive and sustainable.

Highlighting the critical health issues in her region, Mas points out, “Global obesity rates have tripled recently, with the MENA region seeing some of the highest increases. Over 80% of women in countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait are overweight or obese.” She adds, “The epidemic levels of diabetes in the Arab world, which are 65% higher than the global average, underscore the urgent need for effective weight loss strategies that are culturally tailored.”

Dawsat’s approach is proving effective, with participants in their online support groups losing about 9% of their body weight and maintaining the loss. “Our data-driven protocols are informed by over 60,000 success stories, demonstrating the efficacy of our approach,” Mas proudly states.

Despite the fragmented local market, Dawsat uniquely combines advanced technology, home-grown Arabic culture, and cutting-edge nutrition science to transform the region’s wellness trajectory. Mas challenges the status quo by stating, “If there were a real solution to combat obesity and overweight, we wouldn’t be discussing it now. Unlike drug-based solutions and food restriction programs, Dawsat offers sustainable change by understanding and altering habits.”

Mas is particularly proud of the social impact of Dawsat, emphasizing its role in family health and sustainability. “Twenty percent of our users are men, which shows that women, who are pivotal in family health, are adopting our system for the whole family, making Dawsat a lifestyle choice for current and future generations,” she shares.

Concluding with confidence in her mission, Mas asserts, “I am confident that Dawsat is the best solution in the Arab world for achieving and maintaining health, a claim that has been recognized by the Ministry of Health in Israel and health insurers.” Her commitment to leveraging technology for wellness transformation in the MENA region is reshaping how health and lifestyle are approached, making a profound impact across generations.

LinkedIn | Dawsat | Website 

2. Mrudula Patre Pioneering AI in Digital Media: The Future is Now!

Mrudula Patre - top 10 tech leaders

Mrudula Patre, a dynamic leader with over 16 years of experience across Asia and the Middle East, is a recognized authority in blending technology with strategic media initiatives. Starting her career at 17, she has held influential roles with major organizations like Motivate Media Group, Cosmopolitan, and American Express, and has been instrumental in various brand launches across print, television, and radio. Today, as the head of the MENA region for Pixis, the world’s most powerful codeless AI infrastructure, Mrudula is steering the digital media landscape into a new era of innovation and efficiency.

In an era where digital media is the backbone of global communication, artificial intelligence stands at the forefront, revolutionizing how we interact with and utilize this medium. “The future is now, and AI is pioneering its stance, driving unprecedented innovation and efficiency,” asserts Mrudula. Her work at Pixis embodies her passion for media and technology, focusing on demand generation and scalability using cutting-edge digital and AI technologies.

“Our mission at Pixis is to empower marketers globally to adapt and thrive in this new era,” explains Mrudula. Pixis AI provides sophisticated yet user-friendly tools that enable marketers to achieve their business goals with remarkable precision and creativity. “By democratizing access to advanced AI technology, we are leveling the playing field, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can leverage AI to enhance their marketing strategies,” she adds.

An inspiring motivational speaker and life coach, Mrudula has received numerous accolades, including “Global Women Leader in Tech and AI” from CMO Asia and the “Women in Tech Award” at the Innovation and Startup Summit & Awards Dubai. Her leadership style fosters inclusive team environments that excel in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Artificial intelligence is redefining what’s possible in digital media, from hyper-personalized content to predictive analytics that anticipate consumer behavior. “Pixis AI is at the vanguard of this revolution, helping marketers harness the power of AI to drive engagement, optimize campaigns, and achieve measurable results,” says Mrudula. The future of digital media is being written today, and with AI, “we are turning the page to a new chapter of innovation and success,” she concludes.

LinkedIn | Pixis | Website

3. Dima Jamali: Champion of Education and Sustainability

Dima jamali - top 10 tech leaders

Dr. Dima Jamali, a recognized thought leader in higher education and sustainability, is currently the VP of Academic Affairs at Canadian University Dubai. Her previous roles include Dean of the School of Management at the same university and Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Sharjah. Forbes NY has noted her influence, and Insights Success Magazine named her one of the most admired women in education in 2023.

With over 20 years at the American University of Beirut, Dr. Jamali achieved Full Professor status in 2010 and was appointed Endowed Chair in Responsible Leadership in 2014. Her work has placed her among the top 2% of global scholars in sustainability, as recognized by Stanford University.

Dr. Jamali founded the UN Global Compact Network Lebanon in 2015, advocating for sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She states, “My commitment to advancing sustainability is intertwined with my academic and professional endeavors, aiming to foster a global community dedicated to sustainable development.”

Her prolific output includes eight books and over 150 publications on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Entrepreneurship (SE). She shares, “Through education and strategic partnerships, we can address critical societal challenges and enhance the quality of life globally.”

Highlighting the importance of technology in education, Dr. Jamali emphasizes, “Tech Entrepreneurship is key to the future of the UAE and will open immense opportunities for generations to come. It is also a hallmark of what we do at Canadian University Dubai in preparing our students to be leaders in this important space.”


4. Yara Mazen | Leading a Tech-driven Renaissance of Joy

Yara Mazen - top 10 tech leaders

Yara Mazen, founder of content consultancy ‘I am agency,’ and the visionary behind the platform Joie De Vivre (JDV). She is a pioneer in blending technology and content with humanistic principles to redefine modern living. Her journey into technology and content creation was sparked by a life-altering experience that saw her on a hospital bed, re-evaluating her life’s choices and direction. This profound moment led her to establish JDV, a platform committed to fostering a community that celebrates living with joy, inspiration, and ease.

Before founding JDV, Yara’s career was distinguished by her role in innovative tech solutions and content strategies, leveraging her expertise to guide businesses towards impactful digital presence. 

Yara’s philosophy is that technology should enhance our human experience, not detract from it. She emphasizes, “In this new advancement and shift of technology, holding on to our humanness is not a choice, it is mandatory to our survival.” 

Her business purpose resonates with many: “In a troubled and wounded world, JDV unveils an alternative route for seekers guiding them to a space of enlightenment and joy. With varied expressions, JDV brings a gentle and refreshing voice amidst the noise, inviting all to discover a joyous existence.”

Yara Mazen’s LinkedIn and Website.

5. Ted Hettich | Global eCommerce Innovator and CEO of Dayuan Limited

Ted Hettich - top 10 tech leaderss

Ted Hettich, the CEO and Founder of Dayuan Limited, is a prominent figure in the world of eCommerce, known for his expertise in marketplace know-how and project management. At the helm of Dayuan Limited, Ted is dedicated to pioneering solutions that enhance global eCommerce retail sales, enabling businesses worldwide to expand their reach and efficiency.

Under Ted’s leadership, Dayuan Ltd has become a key player in the international market, particularly by facilitating cross-border eCommerce. His approach involves not only improving online retail frameworks but also providing platforms that empower retailers and suppliers to achieve a global presence. Ted notes, “Over the past decade, the online retail sector has seen a remarkable evolution, especially in countries like India, Turkey, and China. Dayuan Ltd. extends an open invitation to sellers worldwide to partake in our commitment to broadening the horizons of cross-border e-commerce in facilitating a global reach for retailers and suppliers through our innovative and distinctive services.”

Ted is also a recognized voice in the industry, frequently speaking at prestigious international events such as Cross Border Commerce EU’s C-Suite Events, Lengow Day, and the International Expansion Summit. These platforms have allowed him to share his insights and strategies with a wide audience, further establishing his reputation as a leader in eCommerce innovation.

Through his strategic vision and deep understanding of the dynamics of online sales, Ted Hettich continues to drive Dayuan Ltd forward, shaping the future of how businesses engage with the global marketplace and enhancing the eCommerce experience for sellers and consumers alike.

LinkedIn | Website | Dayuan Limited 大宛

6. Surabhi Shenoy | Serial Entrepreneur and Visionary Coach

Surabhi Shenoy - top 10 tech leaders

Surabhi Shenoy, a seasoned entrepreneur, has left a significant mark on the tech industry and beyond. She founded two multi-million dollar companies, including a leading tech firm that catered to India’s top banks. After over two decades of innovative leadership, Surabhi transitioned to guiding other entrepreneurs through her boutique advisory firm, focusing on sustainable growth and success.

Surabhi’s entrepreneurial journey began in the U.S., where her early work with startups and major companies like JPMorgan honed her skills in strategic planning and quality assurance. She co-founded Tejora Technologies in 2005, expanding it to serve major clients globally, and later ventured into the competitive fitness industry with Elixir Fitness. Her businesses thrived on her commitment to customer satisfaction and smart financial strategies, leading to successful exits from both ventures.

The sudden loss of her husband in 2017 was a pivotal moment, placing the full weight of their business on her shoulders. Surabhi managed to stabilize and grow the company amid personal grief and the challenges of the pandemic, showcasing her resilience and dedication. Her decision to sell her tech business marked a new chapter, focusing on coaching other tech entrepreneurs on how to bootstrap, scale, and exit their businesses effectively.

Reflecting on her extensive career, Surabhi emphasizes the power of strategic growth and resilience. “Entrepreneurship is about envisioning the future and executing with precision, often against formidable odds,” she shares. Today, she uses her experience to mentor tech founders, helping them navigate their paths to success with her proven strategies and insights.

LinkedIn | Website | Newsletter

7. Dr. Christina Rahm | Innovator at the Forefront of Tech and Wellness

Dr. Christina Rahm - top 10 tech leaders

Dr. Christina Rahm is a global entrepreneur, patented scientist, author, and humanitarian managing 22 companies across 89 countries. As the CEO of DRC Ventures and Chief Science Formulator at The ROOT Brands, she’s deeply involved in philanthropy, notably through The Rahm Foundation, which she founded to create a more equitable world.

Known for her honest, down-to-earth wisdom, Dr. Rahm speaks from the heart. She believes that her failures have taught her more than her successes, positioning her perfectly to help others. Her mission is to help people build healthy environments and meaningful lives by eliminating negative influences.

Dr. Rahm’s extensive education includes degrees and certifications in Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Management, Nutrition, Education, and Philosophy from prestigious Institutions, including a graduate certificate in Nanotechnology from Harvard Extension School, Harvard University, Cornell and the University of South Alabama where she received her Masters. She’s lectured and conducted research globally at renowned institutions such as Johns Hopkins, the Cleveland Clinic, Wake Forest, and the Mayo Clinic.

She has formulated for numerous companies and labs, including her own, creating 18 patents (4 approved), proprietary formulas, and trade secrets. She authored the Cure the Causes book series and launched Ella Pure skincare, Merci Dupre Clothiers sustainable fashion, and Rahm Roast clean coffee.

Dr. Rahm’s story is one of innovation, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of health and happiness for all. She’s not just creating products; she’s nurturing a global community dedicated to better lives. With her expertise and commitment to excellence, Dr. Rahm is helping people worldwide find empowerment and lead healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Dr. Christina Raham’s LinkedIn and Website.

8. Edwige Dazogbo | CEO of Edgy TV and Innovator in Media and Technology

Edwige Dazogbo top 10 tech leaders

Edwige Dazogbo, the CEO of Edgy TV, a dynamic FAST channel, stands as a visionary leader in the media and technology landscape. Originally from Benin in West Africa, Edwige is a seasoned Canadian entrepreneur with an extensive educational background in Communication, Cinema, and Business Administration from HEC and the University of Montreal. Her global perspective is enriched by her experiences living and traveling in 10 countries.

With over 16 years of experience in Project Management, Sales, Communication, Marketing, and Business Administration, Edwige has demonstrated her prowess as a results-driven leader, adept at navigating complex business landscapes. Her approach combines vigorous sales and marketing strategies with robust managerial skills, positioning her as a transformative figure in her field.

At the forefront of technological innovation, Edwige is steering Edgy TV toward significant expansions in the tech sector. She explains, “Our media companies are growing so much that we are working to go into technology with a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) to sell 5G services and cell phones in West Africa and in Canada with Edgy Telecom.”

Furthermore, Edwige is pioneering efforts to integrate AI to enhance production system processes, marking a significant shift towards more efficient and advanced operational capabilities. She is also actively involved in upgrading fiber internet systems in Africa and supporting the growth of IPTV boxes to bolster African ISPs.

Reflecting on her projects, Edwige states, “I’m also transitioning into AI to empower the production system processing. I’m working with partners on fiber internet systems upgrades in Africa and for a big IPTV client on boxes to supply and support Africa ISP growth.” These initiatives highlight her commitment to not only advancing her company’s technological footprint but also contributing significantly to infrastructure development in emerging markets.

LinkedIn | Edgy TV | Website 

9. Dr. Jane Thomason | Leading the Web3 and Metaverse Revolution

Dr. Jane Thomason - top 10 tech leaders

Dr. Jane Thomason, influential chair of Kasei Digital Assets, is a recognized leader in merging Web3 technologies and the Metaverse with everyday life. Serving on the editorial boards of influential publications and engaging with University College London’s Centre for Blockchain, she contributes profoundly to both academic and practical advancements in digital technology.

Her work, including titles like “Blockchain for Global Social Change,” underscores her vision. Dr. Thomason explains, “The convergence of Web3 and the Metaverse is not just a technological evolution but a societal revolution, where virtual and real-world benefits merge seamlessly, enhancing our daily lives in unprecedented ways.”

A strong proponent of smart technology’s role in mental health, she highlights, “Smart technology in gaming is set to redefine mental health care, offering immersive and interactive experiences that promote psychological well-being and social connectivity.” Dr. Thomason believes in the transformative potential of AI, virtual reality, and blockchain in gaming, noting, “These technologies enable personalized gaming experiences that can adapt to individual player needs, offering both entertainment and therapeutic benefits.”

She anticipates significant developments in how technology interacts with mental health: “The future of gaming lies in its ability to merge seamlessly with mental health initiatives. For example, virtual reality games designed for relaxation can help reduce anxiety and improve mental clarity, while multiplayer games foster social connections and teamwork skills.”

Additionally, Dr. Thomason champions gamification, stating, “Gamification harnesses the power of game design elements to motivate and engage users, making mundane tasks enjoyable and transforming everyday activities into rewarding experiences.”


10. Dina Abdul Majeed | Empowering Mothers Globally with 360Moms

Dina Abdul Majeed - top 10 tech leaders

Dina Abdul Majeed, the visionary Founder and CEO of 360Moms, is dedicated to transforming how mothers receive support through technology. With 360Moms, she provides an innovative digital platform that connects mothers worldwide with certified experts to address health challenges and behavioral issues related to parenting. “I started my venture (360Moms) because I wanted to help people, to solve a problem, but I continued because I believe that the tech world can make a positive change to millions of people, no matter where you are, it’s very powerful when you do it right, and I will not stop until I achieve it,” Dina passionately states.

360Moms distinguishes itself by offering more than just advice; it includes health consultations, educational courses, and a discount program, making essential services more accessible and affordable. Dina’s extensive experience in digital solutions and advertising, including a pivotal role at Yahoo, has equipped her with the expertise to create a platform that not only supports but also empowers mothers to manage their families’ health and wellbeing effectively.

Under Dina’s leadership, 360Moms transcends traditional support frameworks by integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance user engagement and deliver personalized content. This approach ensures that 360Moms remains at the forefront of digital innovation in maternal support, making it an indispensable resource for mothers globally.

LinkedIn | 360Moms | Website

Emerging Trends and Innovations

The tech industry is vibrant and dynamic. It comes with various cutting-edge trends and transformative innovations. Quantum computing leads the charge, with pioneers developing new algorithms and applications that promise to revolutionize how we process data and enhance computational capabilities. These advancements aren’t just about speed; they’re about unlocking new possibilities in fields from artificial intelligence to cryptography.

In terms of technology, tech leaders are at the forefront of initiatives promoting renewable energy and eco-friendly technologies. From electric aviation solutions that promise to reduce carbon footprints to groundbreaking advancements in clean energy storage and distribution, these visionaries are paving the way for a more sustainable future. Their efforts, fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, not only enhance efficiency but also drive innovation across sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, and urban planning.


Looking ahead to 2024, the influence of these tech leaders will resonate globally. Their visionary approaches and unwavering commitment to innovation are set to steer technological advancements and inspire future generations of innovators. As they navigate the complexities of tomorrow’s technological frontiers, these trailblazers will continue driving us towards a future defined by innovation, sustainability, and transformative change.

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