Friday, June 21, 2024
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UAE Students Develop High-Tech Tool that can Prevent Scams for People with Determination.

Several cutting-edge technologies, including an AI-powered voice assistant and a tool for detecting and preventing scams, have been developed by students at 42 Abu Dhabi for people of determination.

These cool innovative projects were created as part of the InnovateX Hackathon, which took place at 42 Abu Dhabi in collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Interior. The hackathon aimed to improve the ministry’s application for people of determination. Students at Abu Dhabi’s disruptive coding school shared their experiences with News Times about developing new solutions to improve the platform’s accessibility features.

It was a humbling experience to create and implement technology with the potential to improve accessibility and independence for so many people,” said Alhammadi, a member of Infosec Hero, which won first place in the gamification and PoD category. The team’s project includes several innovative features that can be integrated into the ministry’s official website. It includes an AI voice assistant that guides users through the site, changes visibility settings, fills out forms, and completes services with locally accented speech for friendly and intuitive interaction.

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Friday, June 21, 2024

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