Friday, May 24, 2024
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United Airlines Claims a $200 Million Boeing Blowout Cost them.

A $200 million (£161 million) impact to United Airlines’ profitability in the first three months of this year has been attributed to Boeing.

Following a mid-air cabin rupture on an Alaska Airlines flight in January, the airline was compelled to suspend its Boeing 737 MAX 9 fleet for three weeks According to United, this caused it to post a $164 million pre-tax loss for the first quarter.

In any other case, the airline claimed it “would have reported a quarterly profit”. United’s shares increased by more than 5% following the announcement, although the loss was less than what Wall Street had anticipated.

United is the only airline with a larger fleet than any of its competitors, with 79 Boeing 737 MAX 9s, second only to Alaska Airlines.

United and Alaska were forced to cancel thousands of flights as inspections were carried out in January before the US aviation regulator cleared the planes to resume flying. BSafety regulators are now reviewing United’s operations after other safety emergencies at the firm in recent weeks.

United said the ongoing review would delay putting new planes into service until at least September. United also told investors that delays to Boeing plane deliveries impacted its operations.

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Friday, May 24, 2024

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