Friday, June 21, 2024
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At Less than One kilogramme, the Powerful HUAWEI MateBook X Pro

It’s a fact that innovation in the PC industry has lagged in recent years. Despite a few small annual improvements, the form factor has essentially not changed in almost ten years. Yes, there have been improvements in screen resolutions, battery life, and performance with each new generation of processors. These improvements have been slight but steady. But, they’ve started to seem a little… foreseeable. But things appear to be shifting now. It appears as though change is imminent.

The newest MateBook X Pro from Huawei is here to change everything. It is a sleek, exquisitely designed workhorse that weighs less than a kilogramme and has the newest generation Intel processor—everything you could want in a flagship laptop for 2024.

The MateBook X Pro’s biggest and most obvious feature is how much lighter it is in comparison to other high-performance laptops available on the market. Measuring only 980 grammes and only 13.5 mm in thickness, it is an incredible feat of engineering. Because of its sturdy yet lightweight magnesium alloy construction, it is more resilient and long-lasting than laptops with steel or aluminum chassis. To keep the weight under 1 kg, Huawei had to innovate both inside and outside design in addition to the chassis material.

This highlights the laptop’s elegant appearance and silky feel. Its metallic body soothes the skin to the touch. Furthermore, the coating is highly resistant to smudges and scratches, making it easy to remove stains.

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Friday, June 21, 2024

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