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Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2024: Uncovering Revolutionary Stories

Over the past few years, a lot of things have happened and when we talk about the past few decades, it’s more than a lot that’s taken place. However, one consistent thing that led to a revolution is the rise of women leaders and women entrepreneurs.

Now, women leaders aren’t just leading, they are working. Working towards dismantling systemic racial discrimination, towards making the workplace a better place, focusing on environmental and societal change altogether. It’s not just an action, it’s a movement.

There’s room for much more women intervention in different fields such as decision making. However,  many initiatives are indeed in progress to support women entrepreneurs and leaders who aim to bring a change. When we talk about women entrepreneurs bringing a difference, how can we forget the remarkable women we came across who are to revolutionize 2024. Check out the top 10 women we believe are making an impact and learn their story below.

Top 10 Women Leaders To Watch Out – 2024 Edition

Below is the list of the top10 women whose journey is something you should definitely know.

1. Amar A. Al Sadi | Managing Director, Al Sadi Trading Group | General Manager, Al Sadi Malta Ltd

Amar A. Al Sadi - women entrepreneur

Amar A. Al Sadi leads Al Sadi Trading Group and Al Sadi Malta Ltd with a focus on innovation and sustainable growth, carrying forward the vision her father, Abdulmajid Al Sadi, set when he founded the company. With experience in multiple sectors like solar power, security systems, and banking, she aims to enhance the group’s operations and set standards in industries – from real estate to cement manufacturing.

Under her leadership, the company remains dedicated to the core principles of excellence and sustainability established over 35 years ago. Al Sadi’s initiatives ensure the company not only succeeds in current markets but also adapts and grows into new areas, driving forward with innovative and sustainable business practices.

Al Sadi is also a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. She believes deeply in the power of women to foster economic and social change, stating, “I believe women entrepreneurship is a powerful force for economic and social change.” She continues, “Women empowerment is essential for creating a more inclusive and equitable society. Women in business have the potential to drive economic growth and innovation, making their participation in entrepreneurship vital for sustainable development. There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” Amar’s leadership not only propels her company forward but also serves as a source of inspiration for women around the world to pursue their ambitions in the business realm.


2. Chantel Elloway | Trailblazer in Blockchain & AI Empowerment | Visionary Entrepreneur & Global Communications Leader

Chantel Elloway - women entrepreneur

Chantel Elloway, one of the “Most Influential Women in the Middle East,” is redefining the tech landscape as a visionary entrepreneur and investor based between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Leading her communications firm, CEPR, for over a decade, Chantel has broadened her scope from luxury tourism and entertainment to pivotal roles in FinTech, Web3, and Artificial Intelligence.

Chantel is deeply passionate about the transformative potential of blockchain and the AI, particularly for financial inclusivity and empowering women. “What first attracted me to the blockchain technology and AI space was the potential for revolutionizing the financial landscape, empowering more financial literacy for women, and contributing to a more equitable global economy,” Chantel explains. She champions Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as catalysts for social and economic change, enhancing transparency, efficiency, and accessibility in financial transactions.

Her commitment extends beyond business innovation to fostering economic empowerment and closing gender gaps. Chantel emphasizes, “Cryptocurrencies provide a competitive financial advantage, offering scalability, privacy, and security. They are crucial for supporting the growth and success of women entrepreneurs by enabling microtransactions and crowdfunding that fuel small businesses and startups.”

Chantel envisions a future where technological advancements like cryptocurrencies level the playing field in emerging markets, providing stable alternatives to unstable currencies and opening up global markets. “Imagine a world where emerging markets and developing countries are no longer hindered by the lack of access to financial services,” she muses. She sees Bitcoin as a fortress against economic instability, preserving wealth and facilitating peer-to-peer transactions with reduced fees and enhanced financial privacy.

Determined to drive sustainable development and financial freedom, Chantel calls for collective action: “Together, we can build a future where everyone, everywhere, can thrive utilizing the infinite possibilities of blockchain technology.” Her dedication not only motivates others to engage with new technologies but also ensures that more women have seats at the table in the global tech and finance sectors.

LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Lif3

3. Marsha Lipton, Ph.D. | CEO, Numeraire Future Trends (NFTrends)

Dr Marsha Lipton - women entrepreneur

Dr. Marsha Lipton is a leader, who combines innovative technology and arts, transforming the art and luxury markets through her leadership at Numeraire Future Trends (NFTrends). With an exceptional background that includes a science Ph.D. and MBA, both from the University of Chicago, Marsha’s journey showcases the pathway of resilience and inspiration to us.

Under her direction, a team of brilliant technologists at NFTrends is transforming the fields of physical arts and fashion, and pioneering the field of real-time authenticated digital arts by addressing key issues such as provenance, ownership, and authenticity. Marsha describes her mission: “Leveraging our unique technology, Numeraire Future Trends delivers solutions that span both physical and digital realms within the luxury and art worlds. We aim to become the most trusted solution provider for the verification of physical collectibles—be it artworks, artifacts, or fashion items—and the backbone of premium digital arts, offering exclusive, creator-authenticated digital artworks.”

marsha lipton - women entrepreneur

Even though technology is advancing, noticing the gaps in adopting it in the world of creativity, she states, “Despite advances in tech adoption within the art world, there’s still a fair bit of skepticism regarding their real-world impact and usefulness. The hesitation around blockchain and its influence on the art market only deepens with prevalent misconceptions surrounding the NFT market. That’s why we’re championing a novel kind of digital art, Non-Fungible Digital Images (NFDIs), where it’s the digital image itself—not just a key to ownership—that’s visibly authenticated in real-time.”

Marsha is also a vocal advocate for empowering women in the tech sector, particularly within ArtTech. She reflects on the gap between public support and actual collaboration: “In the buzzing world of ArtTech, women are making serious waves as innovators and leaders. However, there’s a notable hesitance among female entrepreneurs and their VC counterparts to actively support one another. While many vocalize strong support for women’s empowerment, this advocacy doesn’t always translate into tangible help or collaboration in real-world scenarios.”

She calls for action beyond the accolades: “It’s high time we matched our hashtags with some real action, turning those encouraging tweets into tangible teamwork. Let’s not just share the spotlight, but actually build it together.” 

 LinkedIn | Website

4. Mas Watad | Health Innovator | Co- Founder of Dawsat and Owner & CEO of Masclinics ltd

Mas Watad

Mas Watad, the co-founder of Dawsat and owner & CEO of Maslinics ltd, is a visionary leader who aims to improve community well-being through her innovative health solutions. With a passion for wellness and nutrition that started only at the age of 10, Mas Watad’s growing love for this field had led her to this point.

After studying Clinical Dietetics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Mas realized the importance of culturally appropriate health solutions. She developed the Dawsat method, a unique points system tailored to the Arab kitchen, which facilitates weight management while respecting traditional dietary preferences. Starting with a small group in her home, the method quickly proved successful, expanding to support groups that profoundly impacted the community.

Under Mas’s leadership, Dawsat has grown into a prominent health platform, integrating technology to extend its reach across the MENA region. The Dawsat app and online services offer accessible, personalized health coaching, making significant strides in addressing the obesity and diabetes epidemics in the Arab world.

Mas is particularly focused on empowering women within her community. By engaging women in the health and wellness conversation, she ensures that they can lead their families toward healthier lifestyles, thereby promoting sustainable health practices across generations. “Empowering women in health is not just about better individual outcomes; it’s about transforming communities. When we educate a woman, we educate a family, and when we improve a woman’s health, we improve the whole family’s health,” Mas emphasizes.

LinkedIn | Dawsat | Company LinkedIn.

5. Shazia Hammad | CEO, Xpert Digital

Shazia Hammad

Shazia Hammad is a remarkable leader in the tech industry, renowned for her dedication to empowering women in business. She firmly believes that gender diversity in leadership brings unique perspectives, which are essential for innovation and delivering best-in-class services to clients. As the CEO of Xpert Digital, Shazia leverages her extensive expertise to drive both innovation and growth. With a degree in Computer Science from the University of Houston and leadership diploma from Harvard Business School, she possesses a unique blend of technical and managerial skills. These competencies have enabled her to transform banking services through cutting-edge technology. Under her visionary leadership, Xpert Digital has evolved from a modest startup into a global powerhouse, extending its reach across Asia, Africa and Australia.

shazia hammad

As an advocate for inclusivity and women’s leadership in the tech industry, she promotes diversity within her company, as she says, “As a passionate advocate for women’s leadership and inclusion in the tech industry, I am honored to lead the A-star team at Xpert Digital, where our commitment to fostering diversity is not just a principle but a fundamental aspect of our culture.”

Determined to shatter the glass ceiling in the tech industry, Shazia demonstrates how women can break barriers and actively mentors and supports other women to rise to leadership roles. “Our dedication to inclusivity floods every aspect of our company, empowering our team to think critically and creatively, ultimately delivering best-in-class solutions for our clients,” she asserts. Through her dedication and work, Shazia is reshaping the role of women’s leadership in the tech industry, proving that effective leadership and commitment to diversity can lead to substantial business success and societal progress.

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6. Dr. Randa Diab-Bahman | Senior Lecturer | Author | Researcher

Dr. Randa Diab-Bahman

Dr. Randa Diab-Bahman is a distinguished Senior Lecturer and Head of Sustainability at Kuwait Technical College, where she combines her passion for education with a deep commitment to women’s empowerment. As an advocate for sustainability in Kuwait, she influences societal change through her active participation in various nonprofit groups.

Dr. Diab-Bahman is particularly committed to enhancing women’s roles in academia and research. Her efforts include the establishment of the Research Collaboration Community (ReCCo), aimed at elevating Kuwait’s national female research output. “In partnership with wcss_q8, we founded ReCCo to incubate female research talent and connect them with a broader network. Our goal is to significantly boost the representation and impact of women in research,” she explains.

Her academic work supports SDG 5 – Gender Equality, where she leverages her expertise to bridge gaps in female representation across critical fields. “Empowering women is essential for the progression of any society. By fostering an environment that supports and celebrates female achievements, we are not just changing individual lives but transforming our entire community,” Dr. Diab-Bahman remarks.

In her educational initiatives under SDG 4 – Quality Education, she has authored three internationally-published books that adapt local case studies and provide Arabic translations to make learning accessible. “I strive to reform educational practices to better serve our region’s unique needs, ensuring that every learner has the tools to succeed,” she states.

Dr. Diab-Bahman’s contributions to SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities & Communities through her research focus on policy-making underscore the importance of sustainable development intertwined with social responsibility. “We cannot achieve true sustainability without addressing the underlying social issues that impede our progress. My work aims to unearth these challenges and propose viable solutions,” she says.

Acknowledged for her leadership and dedication, Dr. Diab-Bahman has been recognized as a ‘Sustainability Pioneer’ by the World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) and received the ‘Pandemic Hero’ award from Kuwait’s Amiri Diwan. “Empowering the world one opportunity at a time” concludes Dr. Randa Diab-Bahman.

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 7. Dr. Christina Rahm | Founder and CEO, DRC Ventures

Dr. Christina Rahm

Photo Credit: Joy Marie Smallwood Photography

When talking about nutraceuticals and wellness, Dr. Christina Rahm is a woman bringing revolution! She is the founder and CEO of DRC Ventures, a pioneering hub at the intersection of science and wellness. She has over two decades of experience in scientific research, product development, and business management, all aimed at enhancing life quality worldwide. Holding a PhD in Strategic Science and postdoctoral qualifications in Bioscience Engineering and Nanobiotechnology from Harvard University, her  career showcases her exceptional commitment to health and humanity.

Dr. Christina Rahm oversees the operations of 22 companies worldwide, including her role as the scientist and chairman of the root brands within DRC Ventures, developing ground-breaking solutions that address human and environmental needs. “Empowered women empower women—whether in the office, at home, or building businesses, while making a difference in 89 countries worldwide,”  she states, highlighting her commitment to fostering female leadership and empowerment through her global engagements.

Through her multifaceted career and initiatives, she aims to leave a legacy of transformation and innovation, proving that leadership and commitment to bettering the world can indeed go hand in hand. Christina Rahm is not just leading in her field—she is reshaping how women’s leadership is viewed in science and entrepreneurship globally.

Dr. Rahm’s dedication is not only towards her professional achievements but also when it comes to her passion as an international speaker and bestselling author. She inspires people with her words, passionately advocating for global well-being and positive change. 

LinkedIn | Website | Instagram | The Root Brands

8. Nasreen El-Mansub | Founder and CEO, Al Multaqa Consultancy LLC

Nasreen El-Mansub

Nasreen El-Mansub is the founder and lead consultant of Al Multaqa Consultancy LLC, a firm dedicated to empowering leaders in the MENA region through innovative cross-cultural leadership and management programs.

“As Founder and CEO, I strive to foster cultural unity and sensitivity, which are critical for enhancing community collaboration in our global society,” Nasreen states. Her vision for Al Multaqa Consultancy is to integrate diverse cultural insights into the creation of inclusive communities and workplaces. “Achieving this is crucial for addressing the complex challenges that businesses and communities face in the 21st century, especially within Saudi Arabia,” she explains.

Al Multaqa Consultancy was born out of Nasreen’s recognition of the urgent need for culturally informed leadership in the MENA region. The consultancy offers a range of services, including leadership development programs, intercultural communication training, and workshops focusing on cross-cultural management and expatriate cultural onboarding. These programs are designed to equip leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and thrive in a diverse and globalized world.

“Our goal at Al Multaqa is to empower leaders to build bridges between cultures, fostering environments where diverse perspectives are not only respected but are seen as vital to progress and innovation,” Nasreen elaborates. The consultancy’s flagship programs, such as “The Executive Compass” and “Shifting Sands,” aim to guide expatriates and local leaders through the nuances of cultural interactions and effective communication.

Nasreen’s extensive background, including her LLM in Law and Development from Queen Mary University of London and her impactful roles at Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand and Anti-Slavery Australia, has profoundly shaped her approach to leadership and community empowerment. However, her focus remains firmly on the future. “Empowering women and vulnerable communities is still a passion of mine,” Nasreen notes, “but my primary focus now is to enhance leadership skills that promote collaboration and deepen cultural understanding.”

Recognized for her contributions with the UTS Human Rights Award in 2014 among other accolades, Nasreen El-Mansub is driven by an unyielding commitment to making a lasting impact. “I am fueled by the desire to instigate meaningful change and continuously seek opportunities to grow and collaborate with like-minded professionals,” she states, emphasizing her dedication to advancing cultural understanding and leadership excellence in the MENA region through Al Multaqa Consultancy.

LinkedIn | Al-Multaqa Consultancy | Company LinkedIn.

9. Dr. Jane Thomason | Author | Advocate for Women in Deep Tech

Dr. Jane Thomason - women entrepreneur

Dr. Jane Thomason, a globally recognized thought leader in Web3, Metaverse, HealthTech, and Tech for Sustainability, is at the forefront of empowering women in the rapidly evolving landscape of emerging technologies. Dr. Thomason has recently announced the launch of the Women Investors in Deep Tech Global Consortium and Impact Fund, an initiative designed to create a comprehensive ecosystem that supports women’s access to opportunities, helps them overcome barriers, and promotes success in the deep tech investment landscape.

The consortium focuses on deep tech impact investing, providing inclusive access to capital, and building a sustainable deep tech investment ecosystem for women. It emphasizes the education and empowerment of women investors, advocating for policy changes, and influencing industry standards to support diversity, equity, and sustainability. A key aspect of the consortium’s strategy is to expand its impact through strategic partnerships and alliances.

The investment thesis of the fund is based on the belief that women in deep tech startups present exceptional opportunities for higher returns and long-term societal impacts due to their innovative solutions and diverse perspectives. Dr. Jane states, “Deep tech ecosystems offer a unique opportunity to foster innovation and can unleash a powerful force—the collective strength of women investors and entrepreneurs.”

Dr. Thomason warmly extends an invitation to fellow women investors, entrepreneurs, and allies, encouraging their participation: “Together, let us invest in the future, empower the next generation of innovators, and build a legacy of impact that will endure for generations to come. Join us, as we rise to the challenge, seize the opportunity, and make history in the world of deep tech investment.” Her leadership not only drives technological and economic progress but also champions the crucial role of women in shaping the future of technology and innovation.

LinkedIn | Global Women Investors in Deep Tech Consortium

10. Basma El Zein | Director General, Techno-Valley, University of Business and Technology in Jeddah

Basma El Zein - women entrepreneur

Basma El Zein, Director General of Techno-Valley at the University of Business and Technology in Jeddah, is a standout figure in the technology of energy conversion and storage. Her enthusiasm for research and innovation has made her a role model in her field.

Under her leadership, Techno-Valley is dedicated to developing technology that solves global problems and enhances life quality. She promotes working together across different fields, using open science, and spreading research and innovation worldwide. Basma is focused on helping achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals through technology and innovation.

Basma also supports gender equality in nanotechnology and sees the important impact of women engineers in this area. She says, “In the fast-moving field of nanotechnology for renewable energy, women engineers are key players, helping to lead us to a greener, more inclusive future.” Her goal is a future where innovation and teamwork drive sustainability and fairness.

LinkedIn | University of Business and Technology, Jeddah

Is Women Empowerment The Key?

Women empowerment; two simple words yet they hold immense importance and a deeper meaning. Empowering women is the key to promoting gender equality and even boosting economic growth. Wondering how? For example, a McKinsey study shows that if the UK achieved gender equality, it could increase its GDP by £150 billion by 2025. Isn’t that remarkable?

Imagine what women can do if they get access to equal opportunities. They are contributing to the economy and bringing diverse perspectives that serve as the starting point of a positive impact. If they get better opportunities and support, they can lead to better problem-solving and more innovative solutions in the workplace.


In 2024, women are changing the way businesses operate with new ideas and a focus on including everyone.These leaders are showing that when we work together and be open to new ideas and different ways of thinking, we can achieve success to a great level. Their achievements are the means that  inspires us all to follow our dreams, believe in ourselves, and take that first step we have been fearing to do so. 

Fear and hesitation are our biggest challenges. By overcoming these challenges and setting new standards, these women are proving that with hard work and a fresh approach, anyone can make a big difference in the business world.

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