Friday, May 24, 2024
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Google Unveils New Shopping Features to Boost Small Merchants with Generative AI

In a significant move to empower small businesses, Google has announced the introduction of innovative Shopping features that leverage generative AI to enhance product imagery. This latest development is set to revolutionize the way small merchants present their products, making it easier to captivate potential customers with improved visuals.

Google is rolling out a new ‘small business’ label that will appear on products within Google Search and on Google Maps. This label aims to help consumers identify products sold by small businesses, thereby supporting local merchants. The initiative is part of Google’s commitment to assist shoppers in making more intentional purchases by easily finding and supporting their favorite small businesses.

The tech giant is also launching the Product Studio, an AI-driven suite of tools available to all Merchant Center Next users in the U.S. The Product Studio features an experimental AI-powered scene generation tool that enables merchants to virtually place products into any setting they envision, simply by using text descriptions. This creative approach is expected to inspire merchants with ideas such as holiday-themed scenes, enhancing the appeal of their product presentations.

Moreover, Google’s Product Studio offers the convenience of reusing successful prompts, removing unwanted backgrounds, and enhancing image resolutions with just a click, streamlining the process of creating high-quality product visuals.

Starting in November, Google will expand the information displayed in the knowledge panel for certain retailer searches. Previously limited to basic business details, the panel will now include valuable shopping insights such as shipping and return policies, ongoing deals, ratings and reviews, and customer service information. This enhancement is designed to provide a comprehensive snapshot of merchants’ offerings, drawing from data shared on the Merchant Center and other authoritative sources across the web.

These updates are part of Google’s broader efforts to support small businesses by integrating advanced technologies into their marketing strategies. By providing these new tools and features, Google is not only helping small merchants thrive in a competitive digital marketplace but also enriching the shopping experience for consumers around the globe.

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Friday, May 24, 2024

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