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Inv-X Technologies As A Leading B2B Circular Supply Chain Digital Ecosystem: Sara M. Siddiqui

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Sara M. Siddiqui, Co-Founder and CMO of Inv-X Technologies Limited. A prominent female Saudi entrepreneur, Sara also serves as COO at Supply Chain Talks. Her visionary brand, Inv-X, a B2B Circular Supply Chain Digital Ecosystem, is fostering sustainability and innovation through business partnerships.

In this interview, Sara M. Siddiqui shares her business plans and visions, meeting client requirements, and offers valuable suggestions for aspiring female entrepreneurs in this region.

The Advent Of Sara’s Professional Path

We started the session by asking, “Can you take us through the inception and evolution of your business?”

Sara shared, “We started as a small and focused supply chain consultancy company, Supply Chain Talks, based in Jeddah. Throughout our journey, we noticed and understood a common problem across all industry segments: carbon footprint in the form of inventory obsolescence across the entire value chain.

 We assessed and understood the problem statement over a two-year period, which allowed us to develop our clever sustainability solution – a B2B Integrated Circular Supply Chain Digital Ecosystem – through creativity and business alliances.”

Adopting Cutting-Edge Technology

Amidst the fast-paced digital transformation, adopting the right ones for the business, is crucial, “How do you integrate emerging technologies into your business strategy?”

She replied, “As a technology solution for reducing the carbon footprint of our partners, we are committed to continuously evolving and upgrading our solution offerings.

 With our leadership team, we constantly evaluate and integrate cutting-edge solutions and technologies, studying the impact of technologies like IoT, blockchain, and AI to further enhance our supply chain solutions and drive efficiency for our partners in their sustainability journey.”

Impacting Of AI

The emergence of AI has been significantly impacting the way businesses perform. To learn more about Sara M. Siddiqui’s perspective on this aspect, we asked, “What potential do you see for artificial intelligence in shaping the future of your industry?”

AI has immense potential to revolutionize supply chains by optimizing logistics, predicting demand & supply, and enhancing decision-making processes.” She shared.

Approach To Strategic Decisions

We asked, “How do you approach strategic decision-making to ensure the sustainability and growth of your business?”

She replied, “To ensure long-term growth and adaptation, we place a high priority on stakeholder participation, data-driven decision-making, and sustainable practices.”

Worth-Sharing Triumphs

Sara M. Siddiqui

Eager to learn about the major triumphs of Sara M. Siddiqui’s company, we inquired, “What has been your most significant achievement in your entrepreneurial journey?”

Sara responded, “Our most significant achievement is gaining the trust of major companies within just six months since the launch of the Inv-X B2B Platform. We achieved this by building strong partnerships, providing them with insights for effective liquidation, and initiating a sustainability journey for our partners.”

Fostering A Healthy Workspace

We further asked, “How do you cultivate a culture of innovation and collaboration within your team?”

We foster a culture of innovation through continuous learning, open communication, and collaborative projects that encourage creative problem-solving,” Sara added.

Meeting Client Requirements

To understand how Sara and her team ensure to adapt the business to changing market preferences, we inquired, “How do you adapt your business to the rapidly changing market demands and consumer preferences?”

She shared, “We stay agile by closely monitoring market trends, seeking customer feedback, and being ready to pivot our strategies to meet evolving demands.”

Addressing Challenges

Challenging phases are an inevitable part of every business. To understand how Sara M. Siddiqui addresses such phases, we asked, “Can you share an instance where you had to pivot your business strategy to address new challenges?”

She replied, “Every company that we onboard as a sustainability partner has a unique problem statement, which requires immense understanding and research to develop a strong and sustainable liquidation ecosystem. Through continuous innovation and collaboration, we develop the digital ecosystem needed for sustainable liquidation.”

Plans We Asked Sara M. Siddiqui

To learn about Sara’s plan and goals for her company, we asked, “What are your upcoming plans or projects that you are particularly excited about?”

She replied, “We launched our Inv-X B2B Platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in December 2023, and in just 6 months, we have onboarded more than 20 partners on the platform within the Kingdom. As we expand, we are excited to announce that we have now expanded our footprint to the United Arab Emirates with new partners, and our next step is entering other markets by 2025.”

Message To Female Entrepreneurs

Lastly, seeking advice for aspiring females who are planning to start their business soon, we asked, “What guidance would you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in your industry?”

“The Kingdom has created a very conducive environment for entrepreneurs and supports female entrepreneurs, especially under the guidance of Vision 2030. As a female Saudi entrepreneur, I feel blessed to be part of the growth of the Kingdom and to play my part in achieving the goals of Vision 2030 in digitalization, supply chain, and sustainability

My message for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs, is to believe in yourself first, believe in your vision, focus on creating value, stay adaptable, and build strong relationships based on trust and collaboration.” Sara concluded.

Find Sara M. Siddiqui on LinkedIn.

Follow Inv-X Technologies on LinkedIn and visit their website https://inv-x.com/

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