Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Utilizing Modern Farming Technologies Accelerates in the UAE

A contemporary vertical farm in Dubai called Generation has formed strategic alliances with some of the area’s most renowned chefs and eateries, elevating the fine dining experience for discriminating visitors to the UAE who are on a culinary adventure. By utilizing cutting-edge farming technologies, Generation promotes sustainability, lessens its negative effects on the environment, and provides fresh, locally sourced ingredients a crucial component of Dubai’s culinary scene.
Generation uses cutting-edge vertical farming techniques to guarantee that all of its products are pesticide-free, fresh, and fit for consumption. Along with popular microgreens like Pea Shoots, Basil, Mustard, and Arugula, these premium ingredients also include over 70 customizable varieties of edible flowers and specialty leaves like Shiso, Oxalis, Watercress, and Tagetes.

Roman Ulyanov, founder of Greeneration, says top chefs and restaurants in Dubai are exciting partners for us. “Our mission is to elevate the dining experience with our distinctive and flavorful products while providing the best locally grown ingredients and supporting sustainability.”

Compared to conventional farming techniques, Greeneration’s hyperlocal hydroponics vertical farming greatly lowers CO2 emissions and conserves up to 98% more water. By minimizing environmental impact and promoting healthier ecosystems, this sustainable strategy aids hotels and restaurants in meeting their sustainability targets.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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