Monday, May 27, 2024
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America’s Camping Habits are Evolving Thanks to Electric Automobiles

A single note may disappear from the symphony that welcomes campers in the morning. Apart from the sounds of birds chirping, Camping owls hooting, and racoons in search of food, there might be an odd absence of the rumble of car engines starting up as campers head home.

With more and more electric pickups and SUVs showing up at campsites, it will at least become less frequent. This is still a tiny percentage, but campers are more likely than non-campers to buy an electric vehicle, per a survey conducted by Kampgrounds of America, the country’s largest campground operator. According to KOA, only 1% of Americans currently own an electric car, while 4% of frequent campers do. Those who make use of them tout their benefits while highlighting the need for infrastructural upgrades out income infrastructure improvements out in America’s vast open spaces.

One major concern campers share when towing with an EV, of course, is range. Any vehicle – whether powered by gasoline, diesel fuel, or electricity – will lose significant driving range between refills when towing a trailer

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Monday, May 27, 2024

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