Friday, May 24, 2024
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‘It can Go beyond the Pale’: the return of Endless job Interviews

During his current job search, Adam Nicoll had eight Friday morning interviews in a row with the same company. Nicoll is an executive director in recruitment Beyond who has experience on both sides of the hiring table. He is situated close to London. However, he claims that even at the senior level, he has never gone through a procedure this drawn out. “By the end, I was just bored and tired,” he claims. “I no longer believed there was a job there anyway.”

Compared to the hiring crises of 2021, the interview process seems to be moving at a glacial pace. on the Great Recession, when managers were desperate to find workers due to a lack of available workers, numerous businesses extended job offers through video interviews, sometimes even on the first screening call, according to Nicoll. However, as the job market has tightened, companies can now afford to take their time.

There are also structural reasons for the recruitment slowdown. In the wake of remote and hybrid work, there are now more interview rounds and multiple virtual calls are being added to traditional face-to-face settings, whereas it mostly used to be one or the other. vice president of global talent acquisition and human resources business partner at AT&T, based in Dallas, Texas.

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Friday, May 24, 2024

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