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A Shining Name In The Ever-evolving Interior Design Market In Dubai: Mudasir Ali Shah’s The Location Interiors & Fit Outs

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Mudasir Ali Shah, COO  of The Location Interiors & Fit Outs, a leading name in the field of design. With an exceptional expertise of over two decades, Mudasir Ali Shah has effectively led and managed teams globally.

At The Location Interiors, Mudasir and his team adapt their design offerings and business strategies based on customer preferences and ensure to maintain close relationships with their clients, reflecting a customer-centric approach. In this interview, Mudasir speaks about the origin of his business and how he started in the design sector, along with offering valuable suggestions for beginners.

Genesis Of Mudasir’s Business

We were intrigued to learn about the advent of Mudasir Ali Shah in this industry and the growth of his company over the years. So, we asked, “Can you take us through the inception and evolution of your business?”

Mudasir shared, “It was the need of the hour; we had just moved into a new office in a brand-new building and we were the first tenants in the building and most of the new tenants who walked into the building would come and see our office and ask how did we get it done as the office were given shell and core state.

 After a few inquiries, I realized there is a market for this kind of work so in 2015 I established The Location Interiors & Fit Outs and started from my office tower and ended up doing the design and fit-outs for over 14 offices in the building.

 Eventually, we expanded from business to residential, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. Currently working on high-end residential projects in Dubai, we are aiming to revolutionize spaces with innovative interior design by collaborating with architects and designers. We are now a renowned leader in the industry, recognized for our creative solutions and client-focused approach.”

Adopted Latest Developments

To learn how Mudasir Ali Shah incorporates fresh technology into his business operations, we asked, “How do you integrate emerging technologies into your business strategy?”

Adopting new technology generally takes 4 to 6 years. Although not an early adopter, we still incorporate technology to improve design and client experience. We aim to utilize innovative tech to simplify our work and offer superior solutions to clients. This ensures sustainable, high-quality results that positively impact revenue and timelines for all stakeholders.

 We use advanced 3D rendering software to create realistic visualizations of our projects, allowing clients to see the transformation before it begins. Additionally, we leverage virtual reality (VR) for immersive walkthroughs for on-site design adjustments. Our commitment to integrating the latest technologies ensures that we deliver innovative and efficient design solutions.” He replied.

Emerging Trends in The Industry

We further asked, “What potential do you see for artificial intelligence in shaping the future of your industry?”

He added, “Artificial Intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the interior design industry by streamlining design processes and personalizing client experiences. AI can help us analyze design trends, optimize space planning, and predict client preferences based on data.

 Furthermore, AI-driven design tools can assist in creating more sustainable and efficient designs by suggesting eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions. We believe AI will enable us to deliver even more customized and impactful designs.”

Growth-Guide Of The Business we asked-Mudasir Ali Shah’s

We were curious to learn more about the strategic approach of Mudasir Ali Shah’s brand. So, we asked, “How do you approach strategic decision-making to ensure the sustainability and growth of your business?”.

Mudasir shared, “By analyzing market trends, customer needs, and competition, I can identify opportunities and threats. Also, I heavily rely on data and analytics to inform decision-making, ensuring strategies are evidence-based. Moreover, I prioritize long-term goals while aligning immediate actions with the company’s future vision.

 To foster collaboration, I involve key stakeholders such as team members, customers, and partners. I assess risks and devise contingency plans to adapt to changes and uncertainties. Finally, I encourage innovation and flexibility to adapt to new technologies and market conditions. Additionally, I incorporate sustainable practices to ensure long-term environmental and social responsibility and regularly monitor their effectiveness for necessary adjustments.”

Notable Achievements

To gather Mudasir’s insights on his triumphs, we asked, “What has been your most significant achievement in your entrepreneurial journey?”

He added, “My approach is straightforward honesty and hard work has no shortcuts or alternates. Each day we learn we prosper. Winning awards in design and build is not my aim even though we have been bestowed several awards however the real achievement is when my clients talk about my work to the whole wide world and praise my dedication and my work ethic ‘A true word of mouth’ is my achievement and I will continue to serve the business community, my clients and my employees.”

Fostering Innovation And Collaborative Environment

We were interested to learn about the approaches adopted in encouraging innovative solutions in Mudasir Ali Shah’s company. So, we inquired, “How do you cultivate a culture of innovation and collaboration within your team?”

He said, “My team has the freedom to explore new ideas and experiment with different design concepts. Regular brainstorming sessions, workshops, and team-building activities foster a collaborative spirit. We also invest in professional development, ensuring our team stays updated with the latest industry trends and technologies.

 We participated in several design exhibitions as well as Big 5 where all the industry giants and innovators display the latest tech that can be utilized in our industry. We have created a dynamic and innovative workplace where all new ideas are welcomed and incorporated by limited means.”

A Flexible Approach

We asked, “How do you adapt your business to the rapidly changing market demands and consumer preferences?”

He replied, “Staying attuned to market demands and consumer preferences is crucial in our industry. We conduct regular market research and trend analysis to understand shifts in design aesthetics and client needs.

 Flexibility and agility are key; we adapt our design offerings and business strategies based on this data. Additionally, we maintain close relationships with our clients, seeking their feedback to refine our services continually. This proactive approach allows us to stay relevant and meet the evolving expectations of our clients.

Major Turning Points: Adapting To New Changes

To learn about the shifts in Mudasir’s business, we asked, “Can you share an instance where you had to pivot your business strategy to address new challenges?”

After the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to adapt rapidly to a new format of working. The whole process of design and implementation became much more dynamic and online working was adapted significantly. We pivoted by offering virtual design consultations and leveraging digital tools to continue our work remotely.

 This shift not only kept our business running but also opened up new opportunities as clients appreciated the convenience and safety of virtual interactions. We also expanded our focus on home office designs, responding to the increased demand for functional and aesthetic home workspaces.” He responded.

Plans We Asked Mudasir Ali Shah

Eager to get a deeper insight into Mudasir’s upcoming plans for his business, we inquired, “What are your upcoming plans or projects that you are particularly excited about?”

He responded, “After spending a decade in the market I’m looking into exploring opportunities for international expansion beyond Dubai into neighboring Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. In 2024, we will be establishing a satellite office in Saudi Arabia to form a strategic alliance with local partners.

 We will also invest in branding initiatives and marketing campaigns to elevate the business’s profile and increase our visibility in the market. Moreover, prioritizing talent development and retention strategies is also on our list to attract and retain top talent in the industry and foster a supportive work culture that values creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

 Embracing a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation to stay agile and responsive to changing market dynamics is essential, and we focus on that as well. And lastly, regularly soliciting feedback from clients and stakeholders, and monitoring industry trends, leads us to proactively innovate to maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving Dubai interior design market.”

Message To Beginners

Lastly, seeking guidance for the newcomers in this field, we asked Mudasir, “What guidance would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in your industry?”

My advice to young entrepreneurs is to gain a deep understanding of their industry. They should collaborate with experts and learn from their experiences. By applying this knowledge and remaining faithful to their vision and passion, they will unlock the door to success. In today’s rapidly changing environment, it is crucial to comprehend and meet clients’ needs while keeping commitments.

 This is something we consistently do every day. Unfortunately, many businesses and individuals focus solely on a strong beginning and frequently leave tasks incomplete. Genuine success, however, comes from consistently seeing things through to the end with high standards of quality.” Mudasir concluded.

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