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Smart homes, is it a trap !

Smart homes: the brave new world where your fridge is smarter than your dog and can probably order groceries better than you can. As a developer in this futuristic utopia, you might be tempted to throw every gizmo and gadget into your properties. But hold your horses, Elon Musks of the world—there’s a fine line between ‘smart’ and ‘too smart for its own good’. Let’s discuss how not to turn your smart homes into the overachieving valedictorians nobody likes at the party.

Remember those server rooms integrated into home control units, now used for storing pickle jars? Or the iPod stands in hotel rooms, and the surround systems installed in lazy chairs? Integrating smart technology into real estate development can be tricky and might even become detrimental at times. Here are some things to watch out for:

1. Remember, Not Everyone is Tony Stark:

Your average Joe and Jane aren’t looking for a home that requires a Ph.D. in Astrophysics to operate. Keep it simple, stupid (KISS principle). If your smart home system needs a 200-page manual, you’re doing it wrong.

2. Privacy is at all time risk these days, with hackers being able to access your heartbeat cycles:

Just because you can install a camera in every nook and cranny doesn’t mean you should. People generally don’t like feeling as though they’re starring in a “Big Brother” reality show in their own living room. Be mindful of privacy, or prepare for your homes to be the setting of the next dystopian novel.

3. Interoperability or Bust:

So, you’ve locked your smart home system to a single brand, eh? Great—until your resident’s favorite smart coffee maker goes on strike because it’s not part of the ‘cool brand gang’. Choose tech that plays nice with others.

4. If the added value is not recognized, the price hike won’t be justified:

Not everyone’s wallet is as fat as their smart TV. Adding all the bells and whistles might make your property as unaffordable as a spaceship. Focus on cost-effective solutions that offer the most bang for your buck.

5. Maintenance – The Boogeyman of Smart Homes:

Imagine this horror story: your smart home goes haywire, and nobody knows how to fix it. Regular homes have plumbers and electricians; smart homes need a tech support hotline. Plan for maintenance, or prepare for chaos.

6. Health and Wellness – The Final Frontier:

You know what’s cooler than turning your lights on with your voice? A home that takes care of your health. Integrating non-invasive health monitoring might just be the winning ticket. But tread carefully; nobody wants a toaster that judges their cholesterol levels.

7. Avoiding the ‘Obsolete Tech’ Graveyard:

Today’s shiny new tech feature is tomorrow’s museum exhibit. Choose technology that can evolve, or your smart home will become as outdated as a VCR in a Netflix world.

8. Stay Green, Not Extreme: Tech That Balances

Going green while focusing on energy management is optimal nowadays, thus, integrating technologies that cater to this feature is a big selling point, however, don’t go hulk green,  no one likes a tree hugger.


In conclusion, dear developers, the key to integrating smart technology into your homes is balance. Remember, a smart home should be like a good butler: efficient, discreet, and not overly chatty. Go forth and build homes that are just the right amount of smart – not so smart that they scare people away, but smart enough to make life a little easier. Good luck, and may the Wi-Fi always be strong in your developments.

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Smart homes

Hamzah Abu Zannad is the co-founder and managing director of Axiom Prime Real Estate Development, with over 20 years of experience in Dubai’s real estate market. He has played a key role in shaping urban living in Dubai with innovative, community-focused projects. His work at Axiom Prime Real Estate Development has introduced a Dutch-inspired coziness to Dubai, mixing luxury with a welcoming atmosphere.

Under his leadership, the company has initiated several pioneering projects in Jumeirah Village Triangle and Jumeirah Garden City. Dedicated to sustainability and advanced technology, Hamzah is steering Axiom Prime Real Estate Development towards creating high-quality, sustainable living spaces that promote community and belonging. His commitment and leadership have made Axiom Prime a notable name in Dubai’s real estate sector.

For more information, visit Axiom Prime Real Estate Development.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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