Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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NATO Summit Approaches as Starmer travels to the US.

I’m leaving for the airport to report on the newly appointed prime minister’s first overseas trip.
My journey has become accustomed to me now: arriving at a private airport terminal, climbing into the government aircraft featuring the United Kingdom written on the side and a painted union flag on the tail fin. How does accompanying a prime minister on a foreign trip pan out? You can read my analysis of it here.

The prime minister I have traveled with has changed in the little over two years I have been going on trips like this as the BBC political editor.
To put that into perspective, I was 27 years old when I met my fourth prime minister in my lifetime, having been born in 1980.

And how much this has changed for Sir Keir. With the election campaign still in full swing, I interviewed with him one week ago on the yellow plastic chairs of Hucknall Town FC in Nottinghamshire. As a winner, politics comes at you quickly. President Biden has invited him to the White House today.

It might also fast forward the sense of normality around a new government, which always takes a little while to take hold as people adjust to the fact there are different people in the most powerful political offices in the land.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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