Monday, May 27, 2024
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The Price of Attending Coachella

It’s the biggest music festival in the nation, drawing around 650,000 people each year over two weekends in April, from its location in the Price Southern California desert. This year, hundreds of thousands of people are anticipated to attend the three-day event, which starts on April 12.

Many are returning visitors who describe an adult playground in the Coachella Valley that is well-planned and beautifully lit by a diverse group of artists who frequently go above and above for the premier event.

Harry Levin finds the logistics of this year’s event more challenging than they have been in the eleven times he has attended. This time, the former resident of Los Angeles is arriving by plane from his new residence in Denver, Colorado, rather than driving to the Coachella Valley.

Before attending his first Coachella in 2013, the freelance journalist was more of an electronic dance music (EDM) festivalgoer since he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch Southern California’s own Red Hot Chilli Peppers headline the event. “You would assume that my buddies and I are the strange people everyone avoids because we are having too much fun if you had seen us. However, I must admit that I always feel that way inside when it comes to music,” he admits. “The first was Coachella.

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Monday, May 27, 2024

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