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Top 10 Workation Destinations Across The Globe

If you appreciate your job and enjoy taking holidays, workation destinations may be just what you need. A workation is a combination of leisure activities (think adventure and new experiences) with work away from home.

Consider this: You spend the day working on your laptop while admiring a vast beach and filling your lungs with pure sea air. Nothing beats working on your passion while surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Who knows, maybe it may feed your fire even more. Then, you go surfing once the workday is done (or perhaps you want to take a work break). Alternatively, you may pull up to that beachfront eatery and sample some of the local fare. But wait a minute. Everything sounds fantastic. But there’s one big question: where should you go? What are some of the finest places to work? Prepare to plan your work away journey and have the most gratifying travel experience yet by visiting these locations.

What Do You Need for a Successful Workation?

A workation takes some forethought. After all, you must be able to work anywhere you travel. This might imply that you desire to position your displays at a comfortable desk in your lodging. Alternatively, you might work in co-working spaces or cafés.

 You will almost certainly want a decent internet connection, at the very least. How else will you remain in touch with your coworkers, clients, or employees?  Check reviews first to verify whether they have a strong internet connection.  Next, consider the time zone in which you wish to be placed. You should factor this into your schedule if you have meetings at specific times. Aside from that, it’s up to you to the additional amenities you require.

Where Should You Do Your Work?

Okay, so you want to take a vacation where you can work. What are some of the finest places to visit? We selected our favourite locations based on their landscape and internet access. Let’s start, and then you may decide and start planning.

  • Puerto Escondido in Mexico

If you want to surf, relax on the beach, enjoy a drink after work, and work with beach views and enormous waves, Puerto Escondido is the place to be. This hidden treasure isn’t as touristic as other sites in Mexico. There are resorts, but it does not attract the many tourists that other locations of Mexico, such as Cancun or Playa del Carmen, do.

Instead, it’s a surfer’s dream. The high waves might be daunting but don’t worry, there are several smaller beaches with lower waves outside of the Zicatela region that you can visit as one of the best workation destinations. You can also find decent wifi in the resorts and hotels that line the beachfront, which means you can work while looking out at the water.

  • Canary Islands 

The Canary Islands are one of Europe’s top places as one of the best workation destinations. This collection of seven volcanic islands has excellent international transportation connections, a dynamic cultural scene, and some spectacular beaches. Moreover, it shares London’s time zone, making it particularly easy for individuals working in Greenwich Meantime to do business. While all seven islands are worthwhile visits, Tenerife provides the most sophisticated lifestyle for digital nomads. Set up camp at one of the island’s lavishly opulent hotels and enjoy business-class amenities while being only a short distance from the beach. If a mountain getaway ticks all your boxes, Tenerife is home to El Teide, the highest peak in the Canary Islands. Spend your free time hiking, stargazing, or swimming in the Atlantic. Sample some of the local dishes for an authentic experience of local living.

  • Ibiza 

Following the Spanish islands’ footsteps, Ibiza provides a whitewashed island environment full of secret coves, attractive flea shops, and a distinct character to enchant you. Relax and unwind at one of the island’s luxury spa hotels, or head to the beach to soak up the Mediterranean sun. Ibiza is well-known for its nightlife, fantastic seaside restaurants, and easily accessible towns and cities, making it one of the finest workation destinations for people looking for a taste of island life without travelling long distances. Discover the allure of the White Isle if you choose to work from home abroad.

  • Singapore

If Singapore has been on your bucket list for a while (and who doesn’t? ), take your work there. It is known as the ‘playground for the affluent.’ As a result, you’ll most likely want to have a reasonable budget while you’re here. But you’ll never run out of internet or internet access – or stuff to do! Singapore is a place to spend and make money, with high-end shopping, luxurious hotels, excellent eating, beaches, water activities, and more. With their metro system, getting around is also a breeze. If you want ‘easy’ and ‘luxury,’ here is the place for your next workation destinations.

  • Dubai

Explore the vibrant Emirate state of Dubai while reaping the benefits of working from home overseas. Base yourself in one of the fashionable inner-city hotels close to all the cultural landmarks to guarantee you have the most lavish amenities for your company. This multinational metropolis has much more to offer than luxury shopping and beaches. In your spare time, immerse yourself in local culture by visiting the Aziz Saffron market to stock up on delectable spices for your cuisine. Alternatively, take a leisurely boat trip around Dubai Creek and appreciate one of the most stunning natural areas. Of course, no trip to Dubai is complete without spending time at one of the city’s blue flag beaches.

  • Colorado 

Do you like mountains? Views abound in Colorado Springs. You will have fantastic connectivity because you are in the western United States. And there are several mountain resorts where you may remain for weeks or months. This is unquestionably one of the best workation destinations worthy of any explorer.

  • Mexico 

Working remotely while living overseas has been increasingly popular among Americans in recent months, and what better location to begin than Mexico? Mexico’s top work vacation spots range from coast to coast. The laid-back Pacific coastal paradise of Ixtapa, while the Caribbean beaches of Playa del Carmen and Tulum are teeming with an international swarm of nomads in pursuit of paradise. Of course, places like Mexico City and Queretaro have their own unique appeal, not to mention fantastic inner-city hotels designed for business meetings. While in Mexico, don’t miss out on the colourful flea markets and the mouth-wateringly excellent street cuisine.

  • San Diego

San Diego, California, is most people’s ideal location for both business and recreation. A lot is happening here, south of Los Angeles and north of the Mexican border. You may also take a bus to Tijuana for the day or night. For a beautiful supper with a view, head north to La Jolla Cove. Alternatively, go for a noon swim. You’ll be able to connect to the internet no matter where you stay. This is also a fantastic one to consider whether you’re a surfer or a beachgoer. In addition, if you enjoy working at coffee shops, San Diego offers several really fab ones.

  • Phuket in Thailand

Phuket, Thailand, provides some of the best for your next workation, with relatively fast internet, stunning landscape, and fantastic weather. It’s a photographer’s paradise, with vistas of mountains, forests, and beaches.

 With its breathtaking vistas come many resorts, spas, and eateries. There’s something for everyone. Working throughout the day, playing at night and on weekends. Phuket, Thailand, could possibly entice you to return for more.

  • Canguu in Bali

Bali is already a giant digital nomad hotspot. But why not make it your next work location? There is no reason not to. One of the many advantages of visiting Canguu, Bali is that you’re sure to encounter other people doing the same thing. There are plenty of restaurants and entertainment, and your money (depending on where you come from) may go a long way here.

Workation destinations give you a relaxed ambience and a stress-free work environment. Select one as your next workation destination and increase your productivity to the optimum level.

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