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CratD2C’s Pioneering Blockchain Technology Receives Official Acknowledgement from UAE Ministry of Economy & WIPO: Valuation Stands at $160M

In a momentous leap forward, CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain, led by the visionary Dr Arogundade Samsondeen and his exceptional team, has achieved a feat that redefines innovation. The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Economy and INTEROCO, under the esteemed World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Berlin, Germany, has granted official certification and endorsement to CratD2C’s Work of Science, Brand Name, Logo, Domains, and Intellectual Property. CratD2C’s intellectual property holds the esteemed Registration Number EC-01-004149. This significant certification operates within the framework of the Berne Convention, ensuring that CratD2C’s intellectual rights are now fully protected across a staggering 181 countries.

CratD2C’s Technological Paradigm Shift in Blockchain

CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous SmartChain is not just a blockchain; It embodies a significant paradigm shift in the industry. By harnessing the power of DPoS consensus on Layer-1, it offers a seamless bridge between manufacturers and end-users, significantly reducing costs while optimizing the user experience. This breakthrough blockchain technology promises top-tier security, instantaneous finality, remarkable scalability, minimal transaction fees, and superior privacy features. The integration of smart contracts further amplifies operational efficiency, transparency, and adaptability, positioning CratD2C as a versatile ecosystem for dApps and tokens.

In addition, CratD2C introduces a groundbreaking zigzag Biennial supply chain mechanism, further solidifying its position as a pioneering force in the blockchain industry. This innovative approach enhances supply chain operations’ efficiency, security, and transparency, setting a new standard for the industry.

e-Market Portals

CratD2C Market Portals stand at the core of the CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain (DASC), forming a dynamic ecosystem encompassing four distinct portals: the e-Commerce Trading Portal, Real Estate Trading Portal, Luxury Lifestyle Booking Portal, and Universal Payment Gateway. Rooted in cutting-edge Web3 blockchain technology, each portal is designed to deliver unique value propositions tailored to its specific domain. Moreover, the native CratD2C coin serves as the primary medium for transaction settlements across all portals, ensuring users’ seamless and secure experience. This integrated approach positions CratD2C as a comprehensive platform poised to revolutionize diverse sectors, heralding a new era of innovation and opportunity.

Intellectual Property: Safeguarding CratD2C’s Unique Innovations

The certification by WIPO and the UAE Ministry of Economy establishes CratD2C as a unique and legitimate entity in the blockchain space. It affirms the originality and distinctiveness of its intellectual property, including the logo, Work of Science (WoS), brand name, and domains. More importantly, CratD2C copyrights, trademarks, and valuation certification provide legal protection against unauthorized use or reproduction of the company’s intellectual assets. This ensures that competitors or third parties cannot use similar or identical elements without facing legal consequences.

CratD2C Pre-Money Valuation

An internationally acclaimed legal and valuation firm headquartered in the UAE meticulously assessed the CratD2C market value worth, the firm experts evaluate and affirm the innovation of CratD2C as worth over $160 million US Dollars, validating its vast potential and distinctive value proposition. With this certified valuation and endorsement, the industry bears witness to a new benchmark set by CratD2C, recognized by both domestic and international authorities.

Recognition and Endorsement: A Testament to CratD2C’s Pioneering Contributions

This milestone reverberates far beyond individual achievement; it signifies an unequivocal endorsement of CratD2C’s trailblazing contributions to the blockchain sphere. Dr Arogundade Samsondeen, founder /CEO of CratD2C with 16 years of Financial Market Experience, attributes the success to his devoted team, underlining their collective expertise and unwavering commitment. This recognition firmly establishes CratD2C’s position at the pinnacle of blockchain innovation.

About the Founder / CEO: 

Dr Arogundade Samsondeen, the driving force behind CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain, is a visionary leader who possesses over 16 years of unparalleled expertise in the Financial Market. His astute insights and forward-thinking approach have propelled CratD2C to the forefront of blockchain innovation. Driven by a passion for transformative technology, he navigates the project towards new frontiers, setting a benchmark for the industry. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering work ethic, Dr Sammy ensures that CratD2C maintains its position at the cutting edge of blockchain development. His visionary leadership is reshaping the future of blockchain, redefining our interactions with decentralized ecosystems. Under his guidance, CratD2C has achieved milestones that garnered global recognition and approval, cementing its status as a trailblazer in the blockchain space. Moreover, Dr Sammy is the Founder and CEO of Royalty Traders Edu Fintech Platform. He has also played a pivotal role in other startup projects, including the DAO project in 2016, a venture owned by Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin, and as the First Black Investor in 2014 for Unitsky String Technologies, a 400 Billion Dollar Multi-National Corporation and he’s currently ranked 4th Top Investor of the Firm.

With an impressive track record in various startup ventures, including collaborations with industry giants, Dr. Sammy’s influence extends beyond CratD2C, leaving an indelible mark on the global tech landscape.

Investment Opportunity: Venture into the Future of Blockchain with CratD2C

Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors now have a golden opportunity to co-own this groundbreaking blockchain technology through IP-Portion (Intellectual Property Portion) in its Pre-Seed Phase!

CratD2C’s odyssey persists, and this historic achievement unfurls a realm of untapped potential. Presently, the project strides through its Pre-Seed phase, extending an invitation to astute investors to partake in a visionary venture poised to redefine the blockchain landscape. For further details and participation in the Pre-Seed phase, please visit CratD2C’s Official Website

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