Monday, May 27, 2024
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CEO of NEOM Green Hydrogen: “Sustainable Decarbonization Requires Clean Hydrogen”

RIYADH An influential figure told Arab News that one of the most promising approaches to achieving sustained decarbonization and addressing climate change is through clean hydrogen.

The fuel is utterly carbon-free since, according to Wesam Al-Ghamdi, CEO of NEOM Green Hydrogen Co., it only produces water when it burns.

The International Energy Agency emphasized the relevance of green hydrogen in the energy transition process in its 2023 annual report. Green hydrogen may successfully aid in decarbonizing several industries, including long-haul transport, chemicals, and iron and steel.

The official said Saudi Arabia wants to top the global hydrogen production and export rankings. He continued by saying that by 2030, the Kingdom hopes to create four million tons of hydrogen annually. NGHC is leading the way in the green hydrogen industry and the global energy revolution, as our facility is quickly coming to fruition. Al-Ghamdi continued, “With the knowledge of our committed team, I am sure that starting in 2026, we will produce green hydrogen on a large scale and at the lowest possible cost. The world will be filled with green hydrogen that will help decarbonize key sectors like heavy transport and industry,” said the CEO.

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Monday, May 27, 2024

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