Friday, June 21, 2024
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Dubai: Experts Predict Higher Airfares as Airlines Strive to Become more Environmentally Friendly

Experts stated at a conference in Dubai on Monday that consumers will have to bear some of the rising costs associated with air travel shortly. Travelers will bear the brunt and see price increases as the aviation sector shifts its focus to sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and aims for net zero by 2050.

IATA Director General Willie Walsh stated, “The shift to net zero will require customers to pay.” “Our single most significant expense is fuel. The cost of sustainable aviation fuel will be at least three times that of conventional fuel. As an industry, we try to maintain low prices, but eventually, the expenses must be covered.

Walshe gave a speech at the three-day International Air Transport Association (IATA) conference in Dubai.

The President of Emirates, Sir Tim Clark, appeared more upbeat about the changeover, though. He predicted that prices would eventually decline despite the possibility of a brief increase. “This marks the start of a protracted journey toward decarbonization and SAF. Reaching the desired levels and enabling you to receive more investment is the key to all of this. When you scale, the cost will eventually decrease.

Additionally, he mentioned that airlines may be able to pick up “some, if not all,” of the tab. IATA declared on Sunday that SAF production is expected to triple to 1.9 billion liters this year.

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Friday, June 21, 2024

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