Monday, May 27, 2024
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Focusing on Growth and Digital Adoption, a Family Business in Dubai

The next generation of family business owners in Dubai prioritized market and sector expansion, followed by business development and adopting new technology in third and second place, respectively. Business Digital development was the top priority for the next generation of family business owners globally, with market and sector expansion coming in second. Third on the list was talent management, luring, and keeping the most remarkable fresh talent.

The poll shows that, when comparing the priorities of respondents from Dubai with those of their global counterparts, the next generation of family company owners in Dubai is most interested in growing their companies into new markets and industries over the next two years.

Most respondents expressed a desire to use generative artificial intelligence (AI) to promote higher efficiency and creativity in their companies, indicating a strong interest in this technology based on the survey results.

The personal interest in generative AI exhibited by young family business members in Dubai was approximately 87%, significantly higher than the global average of 82%. According to the survey, respondents in Dubai are more familiar with generative AI than the average, with two-thirds indicating personal familiarity with the technology, in contrast to 53% of their global counterparts.

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Monday, May 27, 2024

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