Friday, June 21, 2024
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Increasing to $135.9 Billion, Saudi Arabia now Owns US Treasury Bonds.

Riyadh: With a gain of 3.66 percent from the previous month, Saudi Arabia’s holdings in US treasuries reached $135.9 billion in March, marking the eighth consecutive month of increases.

Ranking 17th among the biggest investors in these financial instruments in March, according to official data released by Washington, was the Kingdom.

As per the report, long-term bonds valued at $107.3 billion, or 79 percent of the total, comprised Saudi Arabia’s holdings of US Treasuries.

Conversely, twenty-one percent of the total value, or $28.6 billion, was held in the Kingdom’s short-term bonds.

The Kingdom’s holdings in US Treasury securities were $131.1 billion in February, down from $133.5 billion in January and $132 billion in December.

According to the data, with holdings of $1.18 trillion, up 1.16 percent from February, Japan was the largest investor in US treasury bonds in March.

China and the UK came next, with $767.4 billion and $728.1 billion worth of portfolios, respectively.

Luxembourg and Canada placed fourth and fifth, respectively, with treasury holdings of $399.3 billion and $359.1 billion.

With $317.8 billion in holdings, Ireland ranked sixth on the list. Belgium, with $317.1 billion in portfolios, came in second place. India came in the twelfth spot with assets amounting to $240.6 billion, followed by Brazil and Singapore, which had holdings worth $227.1 billion and $208 billion, respectively.

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Friday, June 21, 2024

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