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When Operations are Transferred to Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai, will DXB Airport Close?

The Al Maktoum International (DWC) airport is constructing a Dh128 billion terminal that will increase passenger capacity to 260 million yearly, allowing it to completely absorb Dubai International’s (DXB) operations in ten years. After it is completely operational, the airport in Dubai’s south will surpass all other airports in the world in size. It will take the place of DXB, which is expected to close after its operations are entirely transferred.

Additionally, he stated that it would be more prudent for DXB to close at that time rather than go on an asset replacement program, which will undoubtedly be costly. Our plan is to seize the chance to establish a new location that is five times bigger than DXB, which will certainly need significant work.

As the DWC development comes to fruition, DXB will continue to function as the “primary hub,” supporting the requirements of over 100 million travelers. It is anticipated that traffic at the hub would surpass 88.8 million passengers in 2024, making it the world’s busiest airport for international travel for the tenth year running in 2023. Dubai revealed that DWC would feature an “automated people mover system” for passengers and an “integrated landside transport hub” for roads, Metro, and city air transport.

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Monday, May 27, 2024

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