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Future Opportunities: Looking for Disruptive Technologies: Amrit Paul Singh Gill

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Amrit Paul Singh Gill, Owner of Future Opportunities. For over 25 years, Amrit has excelled in creating, restructuring, and expanding businesses across sectors like mining, energy, automation, and technology.

With a passion for helping communicate start-up ideas, Amrit Paul Singh Gill created the website Future Opportunities, which is a newsletter that disseminates news to subscribers interested in his views around new industries.

How It Started

Future Opportunities

We were curious to learn how Amrit Paul Singh Gill started his journey in this industry. So, we asked, “Can you describe your entrepreneurial journey and the motivation behind starting your business?”

Amrit shared, “I started my business to address a need in entrepreneurial management that I identified. Growing up in the 1980s with high inflation and limited job prospects forced me to consider alternative methods to having a job and earning wages. I learned that a business must identify a need within the market and be prepared to hone its approach to provide a solution.

 As my business grew, I took on more responsibility for additional companies and expanded. Having watched the sectors each come into and out of favor, I realized that I could not always be a Managing Director and Principal but could assist others through introductions and marketing to my contacts and launched”

Staying Ahead Of The Curve-Future Opportunities

Amrit Paul Singh Gil

To ensure a strong brand presence, it is crucial to stay updated with all the latest market developments. We asked, “How do you stay ahead of technological advancements in your industry, and how has this impacted your business model?”

He shared, “Having a diverse group of contacts is incredibly helpful as they alert me to new developments in various industries. Attending conferences and conventions are also insightful to develop an idea of the latest interests of investors.

Reshaping Businesses

Amrit Paul Singh Gil

Fast-paced digital transformations are reshaping businesses regardless of the industry. To learn the perspective of Amrit Paul Singh Gill on the impact of technology, we inquired, “What role does artificial intelligence play in your current operations or plans?”

Amrit responded, “At present, I can automate many functions that would have taken a whole office of people to do at the turn of the last century. In the future, AI will play a significant role by identifying leads, answering queries, and creating content for viewing.”

Overcoming Major Hurdles-Future Opportunities

We were curious to learn more about the obstacles faced by Amrit Paul Singh Gill in his business. So, we asked, “Can you share a significant challenge you’ve faced in your business and how you overcame it?”

Raising funds is the most significant challenge and the only way to address it is to seek and find like-minded individuals with the funds to invest.” He shared.

Strategic Growth

Strategic Growth

We asked, “How do you approach strategic planning and decision-making in your organization?”

I consult with business colleagues, stay current on trends, and consult my accountants and lawyers.” Amrit added.

A Collaborative Approach

We further asked, “What is your approach to leadership and fostering a positive company culture?”

He continued, “Clear communication, incentives, and encouraging the team to explore new ventures is what makes one a good team leader.”

We have all been there

Amrit Paul Singh Gill

We were curious to learn how Amrit Paul Singh Gill responds to market developments and trends. So, we asked, “How do you ensure your business remains adaptable and responsive to market changes?”

He enthusiastically shared, “I am always looking for new opportunities. We now it looks bleak sometimes when you start a new idea.  We can help.”

Current Offerings

To learn more about a fresh addition to their services, we asked, “Can you discuss a recent innovation or project that has been particularly successful for your company?”

He shared, “The Future Opportunities newsletter, which is one of our fresh releases, has been successful at attracting attention.”

I encourage start-up CEOs to contact me through the site

Business Goals

Eager to learn more about the goals Amrit Paul Singh Gill has set for his business, we asked, “What are your long-term goals for your business, and how are you working towards achieving them?”

He replied, “The business will produce revenue and grow and I will be able to hire new employees to run it or sell it to the employees.  Grow, sell or die – in business you have three options.

Words Of Wisdom For Beginners

Lastly, seeking tips for aspiring professionals, we asked, “What advice would you give to emerging entrepreneurs in your industry?”

Amrit concluded, “Continuously seek business growth, foster relationships, add value, and never burn a contact..”

Follow Amrit Paul Singh Gill on LinkedIn.

Find Future Opportunities on LinkedIn and visit their website to learn more about it here.


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