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Navigating the Financial Landscape with Investment and Advisory Firm: Paul Aver

We recently had the opportunity to interview Paul Aver, Director at Investment and Advisory Firm, UAE. With his career journey tracing back two decades, Paul Aver has been passionate about public and private investments. In his current position, Paul has access to great IPO opportunities in the US.

As the Director of his firm, Paul Aver plays a crucial role in shaping the organization’s current position. In this insightful interview, Paul Aver sits down with us and speaks about his career journey and how he balances his business operations. He also shares the challenges faced in his journey, visions of the influence of technological advancements, and aspirations regarding his role.

Major Milestones

We were eager to learn more about Paul Aver and the significant milestones in his journey. So, we asked, “What were the key turning points in your career that led you to your current role as an industry leader?”

Paul responds, “I was never afraid to take risks and move to other countries if business needs to require it. Moving to the UAE was one of the key turning points.”

Adaptability Amidst Adversities

While challenges are inevitable in every business journey, overcoming them efficiently matters the most. We asked, “Can you discuss a particularly challenging period in your professional life and the lessons you learned?”

Emphasizing the importance of adaptability, Paul replied, “I believe that the business environment is constantly changing, and it is necessary to adapt and adjust quickly.”

Balancing The Operations

We were curious to learn about the approaches adopted by Paul Aver to ensure a smooth flow of his business, “How do you navigate the complexities of managing immediate business needs while staying true to your long-term objectives?”

She shared, “It is about maintaining the balance between short-term pressures and long-term vision. It is more likely to be a combination of art and experience.”

A Glimpse Of The Services

To learn more about the services offered by Paul Aver’s company and how it sets itself apart from the competition, we inquired, “Could you elaborate on your company’s primary offerings and any groundbreaking services or products you plan to introduce?”


Paul passionately responds, “We are a VC firm focusing on MedTech technology. We are raising a MedTech Fund at the moment.”

Fresh Approaches

We asked, “What approaches do you take to gauge and adapt to evolving market conditions, and how do these impact your strategic planning?”

Paul continued, “We are constantly trying new approaches and business methods. If something does not work, we change the approach and try again.”

Impact Of Technology, we asked Paul Aver

It is vital to adapt to the latest trends to take advantage of the best opportunities in the present fast-paced digital transformation. We asked, “How has the advent of digital technologies altered the operational framework of your business, and what adaptations have been crucial for you?”

He shared, “We are investing in cutting-edge technology startups and also use the latest AI-driven software for our mid and back-office services.”

“Which technological advancements will be game-changers in your field shortly?”

Paul added, “It is artificial intelligence. It is one of the few tools that would allow us to improve productivity in the short term.”

Fostering a Healthy Work Environment

We were curious to learn more about the measures Paul Aver took to promote motivation among the team. So, we asked, “What initiatives have you implemented to cultivate and sustain a motivated and engaged workforce?”

We are very entrepreneurial in our company’s DNA and treat all employees as partners. There is a long-term compensation package aligned with performance.” He shared.

Leaving Behind A Legacy

Wrapping up the interview, we asked, “When considering the future, what legacy do you aspire for your business to leave, and what concrete steps are you taking towards this goal?”

Paul concluded, “Our company and I believe in the power of private entrepreneurship. Through the support of top Medtech startups, we improve the quality of life of people and society.

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