Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Since its Founding, National Bonds has Produced 3,770 Millionaires

The top Shariah-compliant savings and investment firm in the United Arab Emirates, National Bonds, revealed that 292 of its clients became millionaires in the first quarter of 2024 because of their savings with the company.

Recent data from the company reveals an interesting trend: the post-millennial generation in the UAE is breaking stereotypes and becoming a financial role model by actively saving for the future. Gen Z bondholders (born 1997–2012) demonstrate exceptional financial self-control; they are the fastest to accumulate Dh1 million for just 3.5 years on average, as opposed to the 4.2 years for all bondholders. Furthermore, an impressive 34% of this group still invests in National Bonds, which adds even more security to their finances.

Lootah went on, “National Bonds is dedicated to improving the region’s overall economic environment and promoting individual prosperity. The company’s investment portfolio exceeded Dh14 billion by December 2023, proving to be a reliable financial partner for both residents and nationals of the United Arab Emirates. Savings with National Bonds could yield returns as high as 5.84 percent in 2023, demonstrating the product’s consistent track record of providing real value and solidifying its position as a dependable option for savers.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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