Thursday, May 23, 2024
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UAE floods: Following Record-Breaking Rains, Nearly 400 Flights were Canceled; Emirates CEO Apologizes in an Open Letter.

Following five days of severe rains that disrupted hundreds of flights in the United Arab Emirates, Tim Clark, the CEO of Emirates, wrote an open letter to passengers expressing his frustrations. This week, record-breaking storms pounded the United Arab Emirates, making it one of the worst for Emirates operationally.

We sincerely apologize to our customers whose travel plans have been disturbed during this period.

On Tuesday, April 16, the United Arab Emirates saw its most rainfall in 75 years. Rain and savage storm gusts interrupted citywide operations. Although flight movements were lowered for safety, our Dubai hub remained open around the clock. However, flooded roadways made it difficult for passengers, pilots, cabin crew, and airport workers to get about.

We diverted scores of flights on Tuesday to avoid the worst of the weather. However, over the following three days, we were forced to cancel around 400 flights and postpone many more as personnel and supply shortages continued to challenge our hub operations. We made it clear that our top two priorities were taking care of our clients harmed by the disruption and returning our operations to schedule.

We had to impose an embargo on ticket sales, temporarily stop connecting passenger traffic from locations across our network coming into Dubai, and postpone check-in for passengers leaving Dubai to free up resources and capacity to handle affected customers as a priority.

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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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