Friday, June 21, 2024
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UAE Takes the lead in Implementing Carbon-free Programmes

The United Arab Emirates is rapidly embracing cutting-edge technologies due to government support for environmentally friendly initiatives, reduced carbon emissions, and sustainable development.

One of the main tenets of the UAE’s strategy is to increase sustainable food production and surpass the United States in terms of food security by 2051.

New locally grown premium, customizable edible flowers, leaves, microgreens, and rare products have been added to Greeneration’s inventory, a modern vertical farm in Dubai. This gives the HoReCa industry access to fresh, high-quality ingredients from the farm.

Wood Sorrel (leaf xalis), Shiso Green, Red Shiso, Golden Pea, Huacatay, Balsamina, and Torenia are among the new additions to the lineup. Every variety is hand-picked for its unique flavours, textures, and culinary adaptability, providing hotels, eateries, pubs, and caterers in the United Arab Emirates with countless chances for culinary exploration and outstanding dining experiences.

Roman Ulyanov, Managing Partner and Founder of Greeneration, explains the new additions’ inspiration. The cultural significance of these crops in diverse global cuisines inspired us. Huacatay in Peru, oxalis in Slavic countries of North Europe, and shiso in Japan and Korea are all highly popular. By bringing these ingredients closer to home, we hope to localise production and raise the quality of these widely adored ingredients’, says Roman Ulyanov.

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Friday, June 21, 2024

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