Friday, May 24, 2024
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Why The Honest Company Considers its Clients to be “Brilliant”

Carla Vernón is an advocate of corporate transparency. Vernón, the CEO of The Honest Company, states, “We don’t tell ourselves fairy tales, and we assume the people we make products for are brilliant.”

For instance, we notify customers via social media about the products impacted by price increases before we make them in-store. And we try our best to explain why, so they’re not taken aback,” she tells the BBC. “We believe we’re in a mutual relationship that requires us to treat our consumers respectfully and understand that they’re making smart choices.”

The Honest Company, which actress Jessica Alba co-founded, is committed to making sustainable and hygienic personal care products. Since taking over in January 2023, Vernón has guided the business’s dedication to increasing shareholder value and maintaining its long-term plan to introduce reliable items to the market consistently. The Honest Company released its Q4 and full-year 2023 report, revealing a 10% rise in revenue to $90 million (£71.2 million), partially attributable to deliberate and open price increases.

Vernón, who has more than two decades of leadership experience and previously held executive positions at Amazon and General Mills, discusses the benefit of keeping standards high and why “honest” is more than just a company name.

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Friday, May 24, 2024

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