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Attract Your Deserving Success with Olivia Murphy Marketing

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Olivia Murphy, Founder of Olivia Murphy Marketing FZ LLC. With a strong interest in media, communications, and marketing, Olivia came to appreciate the role that marketing and mindset have in an entrepreneur’s success.

With her marketing firm, Olivia Murphy is on a mission to empower and equip her clients with the tools and systems needed to achieve success. In this insightful session, Olivia Murphy speaks about the major milestones in her journey, blending her experience in her practices, having the right mindset while operating a business, along with offering a glimpse of her upcoming professional plans.

Spark Behind The Decision we asked-Olivia Murphy

We started the session by asking, “How did your passion for media, communications, and marketing influence the founding of Olivia Murphy Marketing FZ LLC, and how do you leverage this passion to drive your company’s success?”

Olivia shared, “From very early on in my career I was lucky enough to have a taste of the entrepreneurial life, landing a Brand Manager & Editor role for an ex-lawyer who had launched a small supplement online business startup. Fast forward a decade and I have had the pleasure of working for not only SMEs but FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, and I have truly seen how marketing and mindset can quite literally make or break a business’s success.

 For entrepreneurs relatively new on the scene, I would argue that this is one of the most crucial times to have a strong, resilient mindset and a robust, strategic Marketing Plan in place to ensure growth is steady and consistent – so that prompted me to launch Olivia Murphy Marketing FZ LL, offering 1-1 consultancy, coaching and also online digital courses that ensure no matter what the budget, there is help on hand to guide any business owner to generate desirable cash flow and guaranteed growth.

 It brings me so much pleasure to help entrepreneurs achieve the success they want, especially if they do not have the budget to hire a marketing manager in-house or use a big Marketing Agency. The entrepreneurial journey doesn’t have to seem so bleak – I’m here to guide you every step of the way.”

Worth-Sharing Milestones

Eager to learn about the major milestones in Olivia Murphy’s professional journey, we asked, “Can you share a pivotal moment in your career that shaped your approach to marketing consulting and mindset mentoring?”

She responded, “One founder of a startup I had the pleasure of working with for a year or so quite a while back, got back in touch with me after 5 years saying she had no choice but to close the business. Her work-life balance was out of whack, she had 3 kids, or 4 if you count her business too, and the numbers had plummeted since we had stopped working together. Her mindset had hit rock bottom, and she had no budget for a consultant, marketing manager, or agency. It broke my heart to see such an amazing concept die, especially given all the hard work that had gone into building it.

 That prompted me to create Millionaire Magnet, my signature online marketing and mindset course, that is affordable and accessible to anyone who needs help fast and is seriously worried about finances. As well as this, I decided that as well as 1-1 consultancy, mindset mentoring just HAD to feature in my offer suite as I noticed such a demand for clients to understand the importance of the inner work, as well as the outer, external strategy and work too. No one can know how to use all the tools given to them if their toolbox (mindset) is not equipped to handle these in the right way.”

Blending Expertise Into Practice we asked-Olivia Murphy

We were intrigued to learn how Olivia Murphy blends her years of expertise with her consultancy practices. So, we asked, “How do you integrate your experience with startups and global brands into your consulting practice to offer unique insights to your clients?”

Olivia passionately responded, “There is so much that startups can learn from global brands, but equally there is also so much global brands must learn from startups in this day and age. Maintaining the hunger and drive of a startup, whilst understanding the necessary systems, technology, people planning and expansion vision of global brands is vital.

 I ensure every client of mine, no matter what industry, size, or business model has a clear understanding of all of these things, how to be efficient and effective in business planning, to welcome failure time and time again, and be resilient and open to pivot when new trends arise. It’s about being nimble and agile, never being complacent, and maintaining strong motivation and mindset to get at least 1% better every single day.”

Being On The Right Track

To ensure the success of any business, it is vital to adapt to the latest market developments. So, we asked, “In what ways do you ensure that your marketing strategies are aligned with the latest industry trends and technological advancements?”

It’s vital to embrace how the market changes, and not be left behind. Not every trend will be right for your business, and trends can also come and go, but if you’re not open-minded to embrace the change and how the Marketing sphere is adapting, your business will quickly become yesterday’s news.

 Keep moving forward with every advancement that comes our way, be reactive, and pivot if need be. Keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s new and exciting will keep you current, and if you’re quick enough, ensure you stay one step ahead of your competitors.” Olivia shared.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

We further asked, “How do you address the challenge of maintaining a competitive edge in the fast-paced marketing industry?”

She replied, “I truly believe that if you focus on attracting the kind of clients that will pay, stay and refer. It is so much easier to retain clients who love your work, see the value and results you provide, keep giving you repeat business and refer others in too. This is the fundamental, foolproof marketing system that is proven to work time and time again, so if you maintain this marketing blueprint, as well as keep abreast of the industry’s evolution, you will be unstoppable.

 Always keep a finger on the pulse of what is new and exciting in the Marketing world, but remember, trends do come and go, and every trend may not be right for you. Be aware of your dream client or customer’s needs, and keep that the focus – when you deliver the solution and the best ROI and results, your continued success is a given.”

Building A Growth Mindset

To reach a desired position in life, one needs to prioritize having a growth mindset. To learn how Olivia Murphy ensures the same in her business, we inquired, “What strategies do you employ to foster a growth mindset within your team and among your clients?”

She replied, “This is one of my favorite questions I get asked. One of the key teachings I coach all the time is the notion that the way that you think, is underpinned by your beliefs, which stimulates a feeling and emotion in you that makes you act in a certain way – equalling your reality. To change reality, you must start at the very beginning of the cycle and change the way you think. I always empower my clients, especially in my mindset mentoring sessions, to remember that any thought is just a thought, and can be changed for a better one.

 To be successful in reality, you must be successful in the mind first. If you’re constantly thinking thoughts of lack, failure, resentment, of how ‘hard’ it is to grow a business, you never will grow. It all starts from within, so I do a lot of work with clients setting clear, achievable goals, thinking positively, and taking action to reach each milestone. Visualizing the goal achieved, and celebrating the win when it is achieved is key. Nothing is impossible, everything IS possible if you simply put your mind to it.”

Adaptability Amidst Challenges

Challenging phases are a part of every business. To understand how Olivia Murphy overcomes these phases, we asked, “Can you discuss a significant challenge you faced while growing your consulting business and how you overcame it?”

She replied, “Ironically, my mindset. That’s why I am so passionate about raising awareness about it and how it is your mind that can hold you back from accessing your fullest potential. I didn’t start my business for a very long time, not believing I could do it, that I was good enough, that I could make it a success. It was my mindset that stopped me from starting in the first place, and I am sure any entrepreneur and business owner can relate to that on some level.”

Tailored Solutions For All

Every client has different requirements and visions. We asked, “How do you tailor your marketing and mindset mentoring services to meet the specific needs of your clients and help them achieve their business goals?”

Olivia shared, “Every client is different and wants different results. I offer an incredibly bespoke service, clearly laying out all goals desired for that specific client, curating a specific roadmap to achieve those goals within certain timeframes, and ultimately how to achieve them. I offer a hands-on approach, guiding every client every step of the way – we’re always in the thick of it together, as a team.”

Expanding Horizons: OMM Academy

To learn more about the aspirations Olivia Murphy has for her business, we inquired, “What plans do you have for Olivia Murphy Marketing FZ LLC?”

She replied, “I am so excited to see where my business will take me in the years to come. I hope to have established a fantastic global network online that enjoys my online digital course offerings, I want to expand my speaking events and workshop arm of the business globally, and can see myself hosting seminars or talks on much bigger stages than I am now. I also want to grow my team and empower others to coach the material I teach so that I can reach more and more people with this work – watch this space, OMM Academy in the making. I also have plans to launch my podcast; there is so much I want to do.”

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